RECALL: Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough Ice Cream

RECALL: Ben & Jerry's Cookie Dough

Ben & Jerry's have issued a recall on tubs of ice cream as they may contain pieces of metal. The ice cream concerned is the Cookie Dough 500ml tubs, and it's just certain batches of the product that are affected.

The batch numbers are printed on the bottom of the tub and the ones that are being recalled are L62110L011 / L62111L011 / L62112L011 / L62113L011.

If you have bought a product with the batch codes listed above do not eat it. Instead, you should dispose of the product and contact the Ben & Jerry's customer care line on 0800 146 252 with the details written on the bottom of the tub. They will send you a voucher for a replacement tub.

You can find the recall notice on the Food Standards Agency website here, and the notice issued in the press today by Ben & Jerry's is below:

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  • Alex P.

    This is devastating

    • Andrea P.

      I've seen this in the news xx

  • Jo B.

    Don't have any in right now!!!

  • Rachael C.

    Bit late I've eaten mine :joy:

  • Lorraine J.

    Eaten too late lol

  • Becky B.

    we have 2 tubs in the freezer but they've been there for ages. Lol xx

  • Louise M.

    :joy::joy: saw this earlier, ive no got any but if i did have id prob take the chance tbh

  • Bryan K.

    Funny that I had a tub last night , thought it was extra crunchy :joy::joy::joy:

  • Samantha M.

    Ben and jerrys doesn't last long enough in my house to be in my freezer

  • Joy C.

    Ugh thats horrible :disappointed_relieved::sob:

  • Alex L.

    I eat metal for breakfast

  • Ange T.

    Thought I was rattling when walking :joy::joy:

  • Louise D.

    Oh I would love some cookie dough now!!

  • Denise K.

    me too ahh feck it the metal would only add to the taste :joy:

  • Holley J.

    Piece of machinery can snap off at any time

  • David F.

    We all need some iron! :joy::joy::joy:

  • Joanne T.

    I don't like this one

  • Estelle Z.

    Oh well I'll still eat it cause ice cream makes everything better! :joy::icecream:

  • Elaine W.

    I'm good. I have no cookie fact I have no Ben n Jerrys cos I'm a greedy wfb n ate it all :smiling_imp::smiling_imp::smiling_imp:

  • Pauline N.

    Pheww mines ok xx

  • Russell W.

    It's too late.. I ate it all last night xx

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