RECALL: Asda Boys Swim Shorts

RECALL: Asda Boys Swim Shorts

Asda have today issued a recall on several designs of boy's swim shorts so if you have any of the pairs listed below you should return them to store for a refund.

Asda have said that they are recalling the swimming shorts as there is a problem with the mesh lining, specifically because "the quality of the mesh lining is not to our required specification".

In all there are seven designs that are included, so there could be a huge number of customers affected by this recall.

No receipt or packaging is required to get your refund, simply take the swim shorts along to your local Asda store.

You can read the recall notice on the Asda website here, and on the Trading Standards website here. It follows in full below:

Asda George Boys Swim Shorts - recall

George Boys Swim Shorts

Styles: Check (2 designs), Stripe, Hibiscus, Shark, Skull, Photographic Surf
Sizes: Ages 4-14

What's happened?
As a precaution, George is recalling the above Boys Swim Shorts because the quality of the mesh lining is not to our required specification.

What you should do?
If you have purchased these swim shorts, please take the product back to your local Asda store for a full refund. No receipt or packaging is necessary. We are very sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you would like any further information please contact:
Asda Customer Relations - 0800 952 0101

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  • Jade T.

    Do we know what's wrong with the mesh? My son has the shark ones and they're his favourite

    • Penny R.

      I think I read somewhere on a different recall that the mesh could cause strangulation of the testacles on small boys ..... not sure if this one is the same. Just keep an eye out that no holes appear in lining and they should be fine x

    • Amy R.

      I suspect from working as a swimwear buyer previously that the size of the holes in the mesh / mesh quality will be the wrong size & can cause strangulation of the genitals

    • Victoria G.

      I read something about little boys getting themselves stuck in the mesh bit. I've cut the mesh out of some before - doesn't affect the use of them.

    • Jade T.

      Thanks ladies

  • Anuszka L.

    I'm not being funny but it's to do with boys willies getting stuck in the mesh.

  • Sammi C.

    Fortunately not. Thanks for the heads up though x

  • Laura J.

    Need to take them back then xxb

  • KarlandJanine

    hi, our son was wearing the shark ones last week and we had to take him to hospital du to the mesh, please do not risk keeping them, we really wish we know about the recall

    • KarlandJanine

      his private parts some how went through the tiny holes, then swelled up and we could not even see what had happened only that his shorts would not come down and he was in pain :( 

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