Prince George Poses For His First Stamp To Celebrate The Queen's 90th Birthday

Prince George Poses For His First Stamp

Have you seen the adorable new picture of Prince George released this morning? In it he poses with The Queen, Prince Charles and his father Prince William, to show the next four in line to the throne.

The images are for a set of stamps to commemorate the Queen's 90th birthday, and the little Prince had to be perched on some foam blocks to raise him to the right height for the photos.

If you think his outfit looks just the thing for your little prince then you can get one here from designer Rachel Riley*. The set is £59 for the shirt and short set but I'm guessing even at that price it will sell out straight away, as lots of people are going to want a little piece of history for their child.

You can buy the stamps from Post Offices in person from 21st April when they are issued, or order a complete First Day Cover Set online here.

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  • Jenna G.


    • Charlotte M.

      He is just too cute! He is so cheeky

  • Katie B.

    Where's wills ring ?

    • Emma R.

      He doesnt wear one. Never has. X

    • Susanne A.

      Traditionally Royal males don't wear a wedding ring.

  • Heather S.

    Love it

  • Giovanna M.

    Adorable? Horrible outfit

  • Johanne D.

    Prince George is one gorgeous little boy :relaxed: xx

  • Becky C.

    ....long socks!!:blue_heart:

    • Natalie D.

      Soooo cute!!! I want! Xx

    • Jean B.

      They haven't a clue about how to dress children. He looks like he dropped in from 2 centuries ago.

  • Amy H.

    Prince George must be pretty small to fit in age 2 clothing considering he's nearly 3! Or maybe it's bespoke :relaxed:

  • Jackie H.

    Prince George is adorable, but come on that outfit is ridiculous

  • Marie M.


  • Carly W.

    I wish they would dress him in regular clothes

  • Leiane W.

    Our Queen and all the future kings!! Is it only me who finds this really amazing x

  • Natasha M.

    Oooommmmgggg :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

  • Jenny H.

    this outfit is way too cute!!! The baba cud wear it to bidos wedding next year £59

  • Charlotte C.

    we need to get outfits like this for Archie! :grin:

  • Kerry D.

    I see William has no wedding ring on :anguished:

    • Jolene C.

      It's tradition that only women wore rings. It's a modern thing that both people wear rings in a couple x

    • Susanne A.

      Royal men traditionally don't wear a wedding ring.

  • Lia C.

    All the heirs to the throne with the head of it all!!

  • Emma L.

    Such a gorgeous boy. What have they cobbled together for him to stand on though?! Stands out like a sore thumb!! A pile of badly stacked play mats wrapped up. Not very in keeping, they could have given him a traditional wooden stool to stand on perhaps??

    • Daniel W.

      They resemble books to me, which I think is quite cute. A kid standing on books to be taller :)

    • Emma L.

      Daniel if they looked like books that would cute, but I don't think they do when you zoom in :slight_frown:

    • Susanne A.

      They're foam books bound by tape, according to the photographer speaking to the BBC

    • Emma L.

      Oh I've just heard on bbc news that this photo is a behind the scenes photo! That explains the lack of thought on what he should stand on :blush:

  • Lisa M.

    He's adorable

  • Theresa S.

    Think it's cute, these photos of their faces I believe will be on 1st class stamps, to celebrate queens 90th birthday

  • Holly '.

    Are they trying to recreate the yellow pages advert? ;)

  • Lisa L.

    He is a beautiful little boy and very much like his great granny :-) as for the weddig ring business, its not like hes gonna go down the pub to pull some slapper and nobody knows he's married lol

  • Charlie U.

    Plenty luvly bairns about without having that lot shoved down our throats all th time

  • Ella R.

    And to think we have the pleasure of paying 64p for a 1st class stamp with they're mugshots, I think I'll deliver my mail by hand.

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