Primark Recalls Cushions Due To Fire Risk

Primark Recalls Cushions Due To Fire Risk

Primark has issued an urgent recall of four different cushion lines, including a hugely popular unicorn shaped cushion, after they were found to pose a potential fire risk.

The retailer said the items do not meet ‘flammability standards’ and Customers are being encouraged to return the recalled products in exchange for a full refund. No receipt is required.

Products recalled are:

A Primark spokesperson said in a statement: “We take the safety of our customers and the quality of our products very seriously, which is why we are recalling a number of cushions,”

“We have identified a potential issue with the cushion where prolonged exposure to an ignition source may pose a flammability risk. All orders with the supplier have been suspended while we carry out a thorough investigation.

A full refund is being offered to all customers.”

Click here for the recall in full.


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  • Helen W.

    Megan has some of these. Will have to take them back :persevere:

    • Suzie S.

      I’m sure these are the ones Fraya and Ellen have. Will take them back, best not to risk it xna

      • Donna G.

        Oh no. Fraya has 2 as Emily bought her one for her birthday too xxx.

      • Laura N.

        I think this is the one I got Eden :-( xx

      • Zoe L.

        Daisy has the sequin one!

        • Amy J.

          Oh no Lilly’s got the heart x

          • Nicola B.

            Luckily none of these...nearly got a sequin one but emmie changed her mind!!

            • Paula C.

              Thankfully I don’t have any of these!

              • Mandi C.

                Oh crap. We have 3 of the heart ones!!!

                • Kiely S.

                  Mines not on there but thank you x x

                  • Amz B.

                    Thank god we don’t have any of these! I’m not sure how we haven’t. As we have most of the shop lol xx

                    • Nicola E.

                      I got Ellie the heart one and I got Madeline one too! Thanks for letting me know xx

                      • Michelle D.

                        Ellie is going to be gutted, she loves it xx