Online Fraudsters Target Aldi Customers

Online Fraudsters Target Aldi Customers

Fraudsters have once again been targeting Aldi customers with promises of a 30% off voucher in an attempt to gain personal information.

The hoax involves a competition to get a voucher for 30% off your shopping with Aldi, either in an email or online through Facebook and other social media sites. When you click on the link that is sent it will direct you to a fake site that asks you to enter personal information to win a voucher.

Aldi have released an alert via their Facebook page and twitter feed to warn customers of this 'phishing' attempt, and to warn against giving any personal details as this competition is not genuine.

If you receive an email with an offer like this that purports to be from Aldi the advice is to ignore and delete it. Aldi are currently investigation the hoax.

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