It's National Biscuit Day!

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All parents need a quick pick me up sometimes, and if your cup of tea always goes cold before you have the time to drink it then at least you can still have your biscuit. You have to keep up your energy somehow right?

I'm loving that it's National Biscuit Day (thank you twitter!) and in amongst all the Bourbon versus Custard Cream debates I've found a few little goodies for you.

Asda have a new product that I am going to have to try, even though I have no idea what it's for. It's Bourbon Biscuit Spread*! I'm guessing it's a little like Biscoff, but either way it's going in my shopping trolley. Have any of your tried it yet?

If you fancy baking a huge oversized biscuit, though it's really a cake that is shaped like a biscuit then you could get this Giant Cookie Mould* from Amazon and have a go yourself. It's only £4.50, and you can even buy the original Oreo Cookie Cake Mixif you want to get the authentic taste as well.

When you have baked or bought all your lovely biccies you need something nice to keep them in don't you? This Custard Cream Biscuit Tin* deserves a place in your kitchen doesn't it? There is a Bourbon* one as well is you're on that team.

And don't forget your Custard Cream key ring*! I feel so hungry right now... enjoy National Biscuit Day!

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