Myleene Publicly Reprimanded By Head Teacher: "Tweet nicely or not at all"

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Last week there was a media frenzy when Myleene Klass published e-mails from mums at her daughter's school asking for cash donations towards a birthday gift rather than presents. The comments we received on our Facebook page were in the majority on Myleene's side for bringing some common sense to the tricky subject of children's birthday parties.

However, since then it has been reported that Myleene has been angrily confronted by some of the parents in the school, and yesterday the Head Teacher got involved in the row as well.

She used her weekly newsletter to parents to give Myleene a telling off, with the following:

 It was not my intention to use the

this week as a soap box, but here it comes … how I wish I could focus on your daughters' education and not on responding to media trivia.

How many times this week have I been asked to comment/act/intervene/reprimand/ … do something! Mutual respect and tolerance. FBV (Fundamental British Values). We actively promote them – do you?

I needed to get that off my chest. Now, on with the week's round up of [school] news. No more parking on zig zags. No more blocking in the neighbours. No more unicorns.

And as my granny would've said, if you can't tweet anything nice, don't tweet anything at all.”

So what do you think of the Head Teacher's response? Was she right to get involved and was this the right way to handle it? Let us know what you think over on our Facebook page.

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