Mum Designs A Shower Chair To Help Mums Bathe Their Babies

24 June 2016
CharliChair: The Shower Chair For Babies

Have you seen the CharliChair? Mother-of-three Meray Yassa, from Sydney Australia, has come up with an innovative way for mums to bathe their babies using a new invention - a shower chair.

Bathing a baby in the traditional way can be a struggle for new parents, especially for those recovering from a C-section, or with back problems. Leaning over the bath and struggling with a baby can be a real issue, and holding a baby in the shower is not the safest way to do it either.

Mrs Yassa was struggling with her third child and finding bathing her daughter exhausting.

In an interview with Daily Mail Australia she explained: "I went to the baby shop and asked whether they had anything that would stop me having to hold her in the shower and they basically laughed me out of the store."

Mrs Yassa and her husband decided to design the product they needed themselves, and took their shower chair onto the Australian version of Dragon's Den, winning the investment they needed to start manufacturing.

"Mums were over the moon," Mrs Yassa said. "We want to show parents that you don't have to struggle with this anymore. Every mum has struggled with it and you don't need to."

The latest version of the CharliChair allows parents to give their baby a bath or a shower while strapped into the device, and can be used for children ages up to 3 years old.

At present it's sold in Australia, the USA*, across Canada and Europe and recently started selling in Spain, Portugal and Italy. It's not available in the UK yet, though if the demand is there that may soon change.

What do you think of the CharliChair shower chair? Would you use one for your baby?

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  • Gemma L.

    The ikea high chair would do

  • Gemma L.

    I like the fact babies can use it though

  • Joanna O.

    This is brilliant. Would love this!!

  • Jodie K.

    I only have a shower no bath so would be useful.. bit pricey though

    • Gemma L.

      The ikea antilop high chair is pretty much identical to this

  • Emma W.

    Use the kitchen sink if you can't bend or lift (like me after CS)..same height and a lot cheaper.

    • Jo G.

      I put baby bath on kitchen table after my section - mind you it was for ds1. I even used to take baby bath away with us for ds1. By the time I had baby 2 and 3 they would be dunked in whatever water/sink/bucket was available.

    • Emma W.

      I've bathed my 2 & 3 in the kitchen sink too, and a washing up bowl :grinning: certainly didn't have the space or need for this chair thing.

    • Karen D.

      Can't beat a sink bath!

  • Lynsey M.

    I need something like this!!

  • Hazel T.

    What's wrong with the kitchen sink? :joy:

  • Glenn W.

    Parents. To help parents. There are dads that look after children too.

  • Bree R.

    Aw this is fab xxxx

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