Replacement Buckles To Be Issued For Mini Easywalker Strollers

Replacement Buckles To Be Issued For Mini Easywalker Strollers

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Although this is not a 'recall', Mothercare have issued a 'Quality Notification' for the Mini Easywalker Stroller that was sold by them. The company has discovered an issue with the buckle and are issuing a replacement to all customers who request one.

You can read the full notification here, and the main points are as follows:

In response to customer reports, we are proactively reaching out to provide a new and improved buckle for the MINI by Easywalker stroller. This quality initiative will ensure customers can keep using our Easywalker products to the utmost satisfaction. The MINI by Easywalker stroller is compliant to all international regulatory and safety standards.

However, a part attached to the crotch strap could potentially break.

The batch numbers of the affected MINI by Easywalker strollers are: UKMK47MB, UKNC13MB, UKND16MB, UKNE20MB, UKNG28MB, MCNG28MB, MCNJ42MB. The batch number can be found on the X bar on the underside of the stroller.

Customers who register their stroller at will receive a replacement buckle with instructions for installation at no cost, within 5 working days after registration.

Until customers receive their new harness buckle, Easywalker recommends extra caution is used by customers owning a stroller from an affected batch. Customers should check the harness buckle is intact before using their stroller and ensure the harness is fitted securely.

In addition, customers can contact Easywalker customer service at: 0800 0 988 480 or [email protected]

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  • Harley1

    my buckle has snapped off my mini ewalker could I get a replacement only had it 12 months

    • edandhen

      Hi Harley1,

      You would need to contact the manufacturer using the contact information above. 

      The telephone number is 0800 0 988 480