Martine McCutcheon Is Expecting A Baby Boy!

Martine McCutcheon

Have you heard the happy news that Martine McCutcheon is pregnant?

The singer and actress is expecting her first baby with husband Jack McManus, a singer / songwriter. The couple already know that they're having a baby boy, and have shared about their baby joy with Hello magazine.

 We love a celebrity pregnancy announcement at the best of times, but Martine's is all the more joyous because it comes after illness, depression and hardship for Martine.

Hello magazine reports:

"Speaking about her joy, Martine, who revealed last year how she fought a secret seven-year battle with chronic fatigue syndrome ME, which led to severe depression, said: 'This pregnancy has brought us a joy we never knew existed.'"

"'As a woman in her late 30s who's experienced health problems, I thought I might have to accept that (motherhood) wasn't a path my life was going to take, but it would have been a great sadness in our lives if that had been the case.'" 

Martine's illness prevented her from being able to work, and consequently she was declared bankrupt - an experience she describes as "a terrible time in our lives". She says:

"'It's like finally the tides have turned. Great things are starting to happen on the work front, but more than anything, expecting our baby boy has given us clarity about what matters.'"

Even if you could care less about celebrity babies, you have to agree this is a pretty heart-warming story - there's no denying that a new baby can bring a special kind of joy and redirection to life, even after difficult times.

We wish Martine and Jack loads of happiness as their family grows.

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