Mamas And Papas Recall: Armadillo Flip Pushchairs Safety Check Required

Mamas And Papas Pushchairs Recall

Do you have a Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT or Armadillo Flip Pushchair*? The company has just sent out a 'Quality Notice' to customers that have purchased these requesting that they bring them into a store so that they can be sent for testing and repair.

The issue is described as a "minor technical issue" of a "loose catch". This can mean that "the seat slips backward slightly when the baby is facing you and being pushed".

They stress that "it is not dangerous" and that there have been no reports of any child being injured.

If Mamas and Papas have your email details from an online purchase or any warranties then you will be receiving this email directly from them if you have purchased the affected pushchair. If you cannot get to a store then they will be arranging home collection so that the pushchairs can be repaired. They are not offering refunds as they are instead focusing on repairing the pushchairs.

EDIT: Mamas & Papas have confirmed that they are providing replacement pushchairs whilst repairs are being carries out and that customers will be given a £50 voucher as a goodwill gesture.

If you have any questions about the quality notice and safety check you can click on the link above or contact Mamas and Papas customer service on 03332 412154. If you purchased this pushchair from any other store it may also be affected and you should contact Mamas and Papas either through the above link or by phone.

You can find full details on the Mamas & Papas website here*

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  • Kerry S.

    Oh! Thanks dude xx

  • Helen F.

    Yep:weary: I've organised it to be collected :sob:

  • Lucy S.

    :-( if they have to send it away make sure they give you one to borrow (could always give them a call) xxx

  • Helen F.

    Lol I know! Typical! I had to laugh, they have sent a £50 voucher, maybe I should get a stroller inatead:scream::joy:

  • Jemma Y.

    do you believe that this is the pram that I have for Georgia! !!!! Is there no end to my nightmare with this company! !!! I'm so glad I'm in a much more happy headspace these days! !!! Jx

    • Stephanie C.

      Sorry to jump on but I have this one too and have had problem after problem. AARRRGGGHHHH!! (Just wanted to share the frustration!)

    • Nuzzhat K.

      Oh I'm so glad I never bought one recently

    • Jemma Y.

      Yeah she's still in her pram, not for long though, she's getting too big but I just couldn't believe it!!! It gave me a giggle because we've still got our compensation money to spend in mamas and papas, I have no clue what to buy with it cos they are a total nightmare!!!! Jx

    • Jemma Y.

      Stephanie Cole my last mamas and papas pram was the mylo and the chassis actually twisted and snapped! That was my second model and it took them four months to deliver the original in dribs and drabs! It was a hysterical nightmare at 9 months pregnant!!! I can't wait to see the back of them! Never again!!! Jx

    • Claire F.

      Mine had this problem and got a replacement then had that repaired and then mum said it done it again

  • Lisa T.

    Yep thanks for posting this hun

  • Samantha A.

    It's only if the baby is facing you I believe x

  • Kate W.

    Might just pop into the shop it might not have the fault on it xx

  • Rosie W.

    Thanks x

  • Laragh T.

    Not had an email but I'll call them I guess. Nothing but problems with M&P stuff :neutral_face: x

  • Bert R.

    Yeah this is what we have and the problem we have with it tipping up...

  • Michelle F.

    Omg yeh it is!

  • Linsey R.

    Ha well remembered! We just got an email about it, going to take it back tonight

  • Chloe B.

    Oh thank you xx

  • Steph E.

    I have the same one but not the stroller I have the actually frame and carry cot - pushchair bit however I love my pushchair but it's big and did consider buying the matching stroller as it matches my bag haha! Wonder what's wrong?!? X

  • Annette H.

    Ours is not a flip - think we're OK xxx

  • Kerry J.

    Mine has gone back thus morning xx just hoping it's back for Monday x

  • Sally H.

    Just checked my emails nothing there but was in junk so have a look ... What are we going to do :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: x

  • Danielle L.

    this is what happened the other day with the pram i think!!

    • Kathryn L.

      I agree, you need to have it checked asap.

    • Danielle L.

      You take it into the shop they then service it and replace the part by the sound of it. Will get in touch with mamas and papas when i get home x

  • Rachel S.

    Helen Fulbrook I've just rang and thought t he same :joy::joy:

  • Sarah C.

    I have one. The seat does on occasions slip back but it is by a tiny fraction and not worth worrying about.

  • Manisha P.

    please check yours xx

    • Nina S.

      Thanks min! We go back to them to check it. Xx

  • Zarita D.

    Yep, I do. Thanks x

  • Kerry J.

    We go on holiday Monday :speak_no_evil::speak_no_evil: apparently it's a quick fix on the chassis x

  • Kirsty F.

    Fingers crossed its back in time :pray_tone2: saw that you'd been sent a brand new one x

  • Kerry J.

    Yeh sent a brand new stroller to use untill it comes back but you know what jacks like :joy::joy::joy:

  • Jon K.

    Can't believe it.... again..... This push chair nothing but problems...

  • Angela W.

    Cry! That's what I'm going to do. Do you think they'll provide a replacement whilst being fixed. Surely they'll have too? Xx

  • Linsey R.

    Thanks, bit annoying but better to be safe. Will need to catch up soon, will message about dates

  • Nicola J.

    Hope it's nothing to serious xx

  • Sally H.

    I don't know but ul get a £50 voucher as a good will gesture did u get email? It doesn't mention it :see_no_evil: I know I have car seat and can get out but can't be carrying that around lol xx

  • Katie S.

    Thank you!! Just read the email what a chew on! Xxx

  • Leah R.

    We have the armadillo flip :flushed:,il have to look into it,thank you Claire xx

  • Fay T.

    seems everyone was having my problem when I mentioned it to you the other day. Just incase your buying one for p X

    • Bella B.

      Oh bloody heck!! Thanks a lot Huni, glad I waited to buy it now!! Xxx

  • Tracey K.

    It's bloody affects the xt aswell :( xx

  • Harriet B.

    Oh my!!!!!! Thank you xx

  • Ellen R.

    I do have this!! Going to Inverness tomorrow so will see there is a mamas and papas store. Thanks darling!! Xxxx

  • Donna H.

    £50 gift card if you take it in xx

    • Calsie B.

      Did you just take the pram in? I have this pram but haven't received an email x

    • Donna H.

      I've rang them, it's just the chassis they need, mines still all boxed up so will be returning the box with it in x

  • Susan H.

    Oh no!!!!

  • Nicola B.

    ah I know I got an email about this earlier, going to try and book it in :confused: hope yours is ok xxx

  • Amy �.

    don't get the armadillo :/

    • Lily M.

      Oh my god just read about this!!!

  • Sarah B.

    Sold mine :flushed:

  • Lyndsay K.

    Thanks ... It needed looking at anyway so was gonna take it in but will defo be doing it now xx

  • Linsey R.

    Yes, got an email about it thanks

  • Nicola J.

    Oh how annoying x

  • Helen W.

    We haven't had it yet but they called me in the week to say they were sending it back for a replacement part. Doesn't fill me with too much confidence tho. Thanks for the link as i was struggling to find some information x

  • Sarah M.

    My other friend had it and it broke twice so she's sent hers back, I thought it was the one you was telling me about xx

  • Emma C.

    Thanks x

  • Charlotte H.

    Does this include the flip city stroller

  • Helen W.

    They've sent me £50 voucher, I haven't even had the pushchair yet. They seem a decent company, if i have any issues it'll go back x

  • Lindsay M.

    Yes the exact one!!!!!!!! Xx

  • Nicola M.

    First the car seats and now the pram they need to rethink their designs and materials

  • Inga B.

    About time.

  • Sara M.

    We did but had it replaced as it flipped on us :flushed:

  • Nicola B.

    Just read the email properly there, didn't realise they sent them away to be checked! Luckily baby isn't here yet for me but hope they don't have both of yours long or they give u a replacement to use!xxx

  • Lucy B.

    I've already had the email Hun thanks. It's booked in and we get a £50 gift card for the inconvenience :grinning:

  • Emily J.

    Yes but it wasn't a slight tip backwards, she was hanging upside down. Xx

  • Vikki S.

    Eee yeah that's what we've got bloody hell haha gunna read it now xxx

  • Lindsay M.

    Will give them a call!!! Boo! Xx

  • Zarita D.

    I know, I have to drive to a store and they take it for testing. Not even said what happens once they take it for testing

  • Victoria D.

    Mine is an armadillo xt not a flip but same fabrics

  • Zoë H.

    Yes! Thanks I'm on my 2nd frame already will check this out!x

  • Lucy B.

    Yeah we got the email yesterday. Can't complain really they are really good and accommodating. Plus the fault actually isn't anything huge but least they are fixing it ASAP

  • Sheridan M.

    Aw no! Typical! X

  • Justine W.

    Yes it is but funny I was going to take it back as I've got problems with the wheels xx

  • Kayleigh W.

    Thanks I've phoned them x

  • Kayleigh W.

    Just called them thanks x

  • Sally H.

    Iv spoke to them takes up to 5 days and they give u a replacement if they have one in store :see_no_evil: x

  • Lucy B.

    Lol not bad. This doesn't really seem like much but least I know they won't bother about fixing anything. I heard good reviews about them and they are lovely so i can cope with the odd recall x

  • Joanna M.

    This happened 4 times whilst my son was in this pushchair. I was made to feel like it was my fault each time I took it back to the shop to be fixed. Mamas and papas were shocking in their customer service. Shameful. This was happening a year ago, shouldn't take this long to recall the product. :rage::rage::rage:

    • Leigh K.

      I'm having issues with my armadillo (not the flip) and they made me out to be the bad guy. Told me I wasn't maintaining it correctly, barring in mind id only had it 4 month. Sure enough I shouldn't have to be taking the pushchair apart to "clean it" so soon:rage:

    • Christine B.

      All that money too. Happened to my daughters. Disgusting.

    • Gemma H.

      They happily take your money once you hand it over Jesus have to fight for it back. It's all wrong

    • Joanna M.

      Luckily after 6 months of phone calls and numerous trips to the store and numerous attempts at fixing it (which they never did) they agreed to give me a full refund. But, I was made to feel it was my problem for a long while. Disgusting. Hope you all get sorted soon!

  • Catherine P.

    I'm livid.....this is little mans push chair!!! Grrrrr xx

    • Margaret G.

      I cannot believe it's happening again. This company is seriously rubbish x

    • Catherine P.

      I've phoned the head of customer care and left a voicemail asking her to get back in touch, she was the one who recommended this one when we had to replace the sola city! I'm fuming!! I bet it's when ours didn't click in properly and flipped him back over!! Ridiculous! Xx

  • Jodie B.

    Yep, got the flip x

  • Michelle B.

    Yeh this is what I have. Thank you. Xx

  • Samantha A.

    Thankyou I will phone them x

  • Nicola B.

    Iv just booked mine in for Sunday!definitely want the voucher haha xx

  • Adrian O.

    Good, it's garbage!

  • Emma B.

    This is why I'd never buy another pram/pushchair from M&P I had the sola and it happened with my son almost catapulting him out when he was a baby! Amongst other things that went wrong with the pram!! It was shocking so much so the local news were interested in the defects of my pushchair!

  • Sharon C.

    Yeah it is lol typical eh

  • Lisa W.

    ANOTHER mamas and papas product! Absolute rubbish!

  • Elizabeth S.

    First our car gets recalled now the bloody buggy! Ffs!! :tired_face:

    • Karen P.

      oh noooo!!!!

  • Angelina H.

    Flip!! That's the one we have!!!

  • Rachel M.

    looks like both of ours will need to be checked

    • Lindsey D.

      Seriously!! Oh great. Make my week a bit better. Lol x

    • Rachel M.

      I don't even have a m&p shop near me which is going to cause problems, I'm due any day from next Thursday too x

    • Lindsey D.

      Very annoying xx

  • Catherine P.

    I've rang head of customer services and gonna wait for her to get back to me xx

  • Angela W.

    I'm tempted to go down tonight... xx

  • Emily K.

    Yeah just called, closed at 5pm! Another thing before holiday!!

  • Jennie B.

    Ring they and they will send a courier to collect and return for free plus £50 gift card

  • Jenna C.

    I thought that when I read it that they had underplayed it I remember you saying she was flung back xx

  • Sarah T.

    It sure is! I wasn't impressed when I found out xx

  • Rebecca W.

    Sakes. I'm hopefully getting a new frame because of my sticky wheel. Xx

  • Stacey P.

    No but we have looked at this one to replace ours!!!

  • Carla J.

    Oh no!! X

  • Jay P.

    Yup. I got an email from them today, problem is when the seat unit is on but we haven't used it yet. I'm dropping chassis off tomorrow so it can be checked and they are giving us a £50 as an apology so not all bad!!

  • Nicola B.

    I thought you had to book in? I clicked on the link on the email and it booked me in for a certain day :confused: xx

  • Natalie K.

    Yes mamas & papas have already emailed today. It's not seemed to happen on mine but I am ringing them anyway tomorrow to check xx

  • Kayleigh V.

    Thank you, we had no idea, looks like we're going to take a trip to Cardiff to sort out :weary:

  • Jane M.

    Mines not the flip one so all OK x

  • Lucy P.

    How many different models are they of the armadillo?

  • Zoe C.

    I had this pushchair, mine flipped right back with my baby in it, his legs were in the air. So I wouldn't say that it was a minor fault!! I phoned them straight away and they sent me another one the next day but it had the same fault. So sent that back for a refund. The customer service was pretty good but it should never have happened in the first place. This was about 6 months ago now.

    • KimP

      Mine did exactly the same thing with our son in it, he was only 5 months old! They changed the chassis straight away, now that's gone back for the health check. 

    • KimP

      Same happened to us! Our poor baby was only 5 months old and he flipped back completely. They replaced the chassis straight away, but tried to imply I shouldn't put anything heavy on the handle like a bag!!

  • Natalie W.

    Thank you....luckily not the model we have. Thats the 2nd load of m&p recalls this year, not good!! Xx

  • Elaine P.

    Thank you Cathy. I've two Flip XT's, I haven't had this problem but they are going to be sent for testing anyway X

  • Lisa P.

    Yeah, another £50 voucher!!!!!!x

  • Lois W.

    I kno! I got an email today. Do you remember me saying that mine kept flipping back?! :thumbsdown: xxx

  • Jason C.

    yes thank you,will get home collection sorted and will get it serviced at the same time.

  • Kate A.

    I know!!!! We haven't flipping built it yet!!!! Back to the shop on Monday.... :(

  • Holly C.

    Yeah they emailed me about it too! Thanks hun! xx

  • Michelle E.

    Yes I do. Thanks for letting me know. I'll contact mamas and papas

  • Zoë H.

    Just had an email....ours is being recalled :rage: x

  • Andrea M.

    Mine isn't the flip phew ! Xx

  • Kim K.

    Yes we do! Received an email today, pain in the arse! Xx

  • Kelly M.

    This happened to Matilda a few times! Chris said it was dodgy! It doesn't happen when forward facing though x

  • Sara J.

    Yeah it's the flip XT as well so need to get seat checked :confused: xx

  • Sara J.

    I did think when I set it up it didn't seem to be very strong xx

  • Jayne C.

    at least they made contact with you rather than you having to chase x

  • Lisa A.

    Thanks gonna look at this x

  • Amanda S.

    It is ours too, will phone them tomorrow xx

  • Marie B.

    Bleep yes! Xx

  • Lynne F.

    Yeah I saw this. Yes, is our pram so a wee trip in needed. Our pushchair part still in packaging!!! Xxx

  • Hannah R.

    Yeah I did I've had an email x

  • Lorraine P.

    yes hun, I've rang them already and they're collecting it to check. They're giving everyone with one that has to go back a £50 voucher too for the trouble x

  • Sarah H.

    Would never buy mamas and papas again after the wheel sheared off my sola in the road. Worst customer service ever, it was supposedly my fault for cleaning the wheels?!

  • Rachel P.

    Thanks, yeah we've had an email, what a pain in the arse!! :pensive:

  • Alice M.

    Oh no this is ours!! But reading it current and new orders aren't affected. So hopefully I don't end up with a dud one or I'll get you to shout at them lol

  • Ellyn M.

    Haha mine went back within a week and the carseat did. They replaced both. Then a year later the Pram went back again. As it wasn't folding tidy. And got fixed

  • Alice M.

    Uh oh not looking good then

  • Gemma A.

    I know was in the shop today coz the hood us faulty so they told me it would need sent back! X

  • Kirsty G.

    Oh crap xx

  • Gemma A.

    Mines never done anything but they still need to check x

  • Kirsty G.

    Mamas and papas stuff is always being recalled! My car seat which I use for my niece was recalled not long ago and I'd been using it for 3 years!!xxx

  • Lynsey C.

    mine is the flip, will have to ring them tomorrow x

  • Angela W.

    Absolute joke. They offered a shite replacement which tbh I wasn't willing to take. It was a scruffy mess. When you've paid what we have for a nice pushchair and they offer you a £100, used, dirty pile of crap, not good enough Mama's and Papa's. Hope you do better tomorrow Sally! Xx

  • Tara G.

    Yeah, I best get it fixed :joy: x

  • Desiree N.

    I always trust in Chicco. Best quality in the market

  • Lynsey C.

    i know!! I'm gonna ring them tomorrow x

  • Rozanne S.

    Thanks for the heads up hun, we got an email from them as well! Not sure what this is all about but the pram has been working fine for us. Let's see what they say when we take it in x

  • Laura W.

    Omg it is.

  • Natasha G.

    Thanks thank god it's not my one or I'd be right back xx

  • Sandra B.

    Thanks I'll get it checked x

  • Sarah G.

    Yep will take it in on weekend, not as big an issue now he faces outward but will get it fixed anyway. Will use voucher to buy a cheaper easy buggy to use whilst it's away being fixed as we want one anyway. They emailed me to inform me about it too.xx

  • Gemma A.

    You have to take them into mamas and papas store and they'll send it off to be checked, they'll give you a loan buggy till you get it back x

  • Em N.

    I'm awaiting to collect mine this month hope it isn't effected

  • Hazel B.

    We got an email earlier about this. Back to mk we go :(

  • Claire T.

    Thanks for letting me know x

  • Dayna E.

    Interesting! Thanks!

  • Lesley T.

    Thank u love, is our one xxx

  • Amy W.

    Luckily we ain't got that one

  • Natalie K.

    Ah cool I'll ring them tomorrow & see what they say then xx

  • Kirstie L.

    Bloody pain x

  • Laura M.

    Thanks will get mine checked out asap!!

  • Lucia K.

    Mine is similar but isn't the flip one but thanks (I was actually going to get this one before I got ours)xx

  • Natalie K.

    The email I got said they'd arrange collection etc xx

  • Kate H.

    Thank you by the way x

  • Laura M.

    Mine goes either parent facing or forward facing.. its the flip and the XT. ours is the standard too but the travel system one. gonna get ours checked as it goes both ways and the fault is when its parent facing. xxx

  • Calsie B.

    This actually happened earlier x

  • Calsie B.

    this is our pram!! X

  • Anne E.

    This is the one we have ordered! Not due to be delivered until September, maybe this is my chance to get one I noticed and really wanted but after we'd ordered this one so wasn't allowed!!

  • Sarah W.

    I've had an email from them. They're giving a nice gift voucher as a goodwill gesture :relaxed: xx

  • Dawn H.

    Thanks love. They crap definitely wouldn't recommend them x

  • Leonie S.

    Seen it, not had email or out. And just said to mum my box did look like it had been opened and resealed. It says on website that new purchases have been rectified already xx

  • Sarah G.

    Thanks ours is just the basic armadillo, its not the flip version so it looks ok. Thanks though x

  • Stacey W.

    Thanks .... we have the flip xt ... but will check with mamas & papas xxxx thank you ♡♡♡

  • Leonie S.

    Already on it xx

  • Amanda B.

    Thanks. More concerned about chasis. Had it attached to my dress and partner had hand trapped in it! Xx

  • Corinna H.

    And in terms of the customer service everyone is talking about isn't the case with my store. If your worried hun just go in and talk to the girls they'll sort it out and help. Xx

  • Shell B.

    I nearly got one so glad i didn't now x

  • Amanda B.

    Have never had that fault happen to me yet but would be very unsafe ️xx

  • Alice F.

    oh my gosh really? I'd go back and say it happened x

  • Sharon B.

    Oh bugger it is, thanks for letting me know x

  • Elle M.

    Oh no! Give them a ring. Hopefully you'll get a replacement xx

  • Emma L.

    It's only for parent-facing position. Phew! X

  • Dawn H.

    Wished I had gone for the silvercross one now xx

  • Dena H.

    Oh no! Thanks for letting me know :grin:

  • Danni Q.

    Thanks this happened to me but Isobel wasn't in the pram thankfully but I took it in and they fixed it straight away :blush: thanks for tagging me tho xx

  • Connie B.

    I had a mama and papas last time, the front wheel needed replacing once but other than that didn't have a problem!

  • Claire J.

    no not this one, got me worried as had few products recalled now :(

  • Jen O.

    glad I got shot of mine now even if it was my spare! Can't seem to trust mamas and papas anymore!

    • Karen C.

      I know I can't believe this! First Jack car seat recalled now this!! (Got a full refund) I got an email today from them about it - if I trade it in I can get £100 voucher plus £50 voucher for goodwill. Looking for a new pushchair now just a shame as I really like this one :rage: and plus I have to use the vouchers with them!

    • Jen O.

      I didn't know you had a car seat too Hun? You should get a full refund for the pushchair too! I've not heard from them regarding mine, I hated it from the start never opened up properly was always struggling with it! Looked like right idiot when putting up!

    • Karen C.

      yeah Jacks first big car seat was a mama and papas and Argos gave full refunds, they said because they will fix the fault of found they won't refund! Annoying but we need to go to a store if we want to trade it in and Farnborough is the closest or they will collect and deliver of we get it looked at - but then we are without a pushchair for however long it takes them to fix :flushed: so we would need to buy one. It took me ages to figure out how to put the seat up when she was facing out, I was on the side of the road looking like a muppet as well haha

  • Sheona H.

    I've already took mine back as the wheels were dodgy. Got another new one now that's a lot lighter xx

  • Alanah L.

    I know they emailed me this morning. Have to leave it in for repair but what am I meant to use in the meantime?!

  • Kim G.


  • Carly F.

    good job I didn't buy one :flushed: xx

  • Jacqueline C.

    Indeed it was the one we used to have but we changed prams after it happened again!

  • Stef B.

    Yeah it is and remember it flipped backwards with Harry in it one year ago! Sent it back and had it fixed then! Mine must have been one of the first to be identified xxx

  • Laura F.

    It seems absolutely fine but I'd rather not take the risk. I'll just send it for testing and repairs. I still love it. Xx

  • Rose L.

    Yeah seen it need to go take it to be looked at xxx

  • Melanie D.

    Hopefully it's fine xx

  • Stef B.

    They emailed me this morning xxxx

  • Gillian L.

    Oh it is! Thanks will read it just now xx

  • Jemma C.

    I've had this problem, kept thinking maybe I wasn't clicking it in properly when putting it up but it's been even more frequent lately good job he's been properly strapped in when it has happened. Unfortunately my nearest mommas and pappas is a 2 hour drive away :rage:

  • Emma G.

    Yes ... it's going for a check asap ... and I'm having £50 for inconvenience pmp ... mine is different fabric but same style x

  • Jemma C.

    It does say they will arrange home collection if you can't get to a store x

  • Ema P.

    I'll call tomorrow.....

  • Lyndsay M.

    Hi, does anyone no when u take ur pram in do they give u a replacement while urs is sent away. I couldnt do without a pram and I'm sure a lot of ppl are the same x

    • Julie M.

      Oh no!!!

    • Emma P.

      I rang them today, they told me they'd send out a replacement while mine was being fixed, not sure about if you taking it in store though, I'd assume it would be the same x

    • Vanessa B.

      They'll give u a loan pram

  • Lyndsay M.

    more bad luck with prams :cry::cry:

  • Emma-lea F.

    Thanks, will look into this x

  • Kelly E.

    . Check yours out. This is the problem mine had. Will be on the phone to them again tomorrow.

    • Stacey R.

      Omg thank you will check it tomorrow xx

    • Kelly E.

      they gave me two replacements. But seems like I've got to call them again and check. They sent me an email tonight saying that the pram needs a repair. Let me know how you get on. X

  • Lucy P.

    Yes! I have terrible luck with all these recalls! :rage: Xxx

  • Kate J.

    Never had any problem with mine. Happy customer

  • Samnsara T.

    Hi yer Same one thank you for letting me no ill have to take it to the shop x

  • Marie A.

    Fucking brilliant

  • Lois W.

    I still love it it's ok, will love it even more once it's fixed! X

  • Jessica W.

    It explains why they are no longer making them!

  • Christine B.

    It happened with my grandson more than once. Flipped right over. This was a year ago. They repaired it but I think it shouldve been replaced.

  • Vicky S.

    Oh my god yeah I have! Thank you so much I'll take it in. :scream: xxx

  • Laura W.

    Thanks they emailed me going to call them tomorrow

  • Cheryl C.

    Yeah it is!!! :fearful: not been using the buggy bit yet just the pram!!! Better check my email! Thanks for letting me know!!!.

  • Jodi F.

    Thanks x

  • Rachel L.

    Yeh got an email about it. I need to phone them xx

  • Marta A.

    Bought this pushchair few days ago from mothercare so dang them yesterday but they are and not aware of any issues with the prams or safety checks

  • Holly S.

    Thank you x

  • Christine S.

    Got an email from them. It's ridiculous! I have to take it back to the shop and then it needs sent away and then I need to go back and collect it! Absolute joke! Closest shop is Glasgow!

  • Christine S.

    Not as if it didn't cost enough! :rage:

  • Danielle W.

    Oh Did they say how long it will be away for? They should be delivering it back to your house. I know shops not exactly close. Just tell them you want a refund. Xxx

  • Puja L.

    Yea thanks for that. I've not had that issue but will definately get it looked at. Xx

  • Michelle H.

    Mine was sent off yesterday mate for safety check got £50 voucher from them too lol x

  • Charlotte B.

    I've had an email from them.

  • Danielle W.

    That's crap they won't issue a refund. What if you meant to do for a pram if you already had a baby. Yeah cause all the mamas and papas started closing down. It is shocking you think they would at least deliver it to you. Xxx

  • Lisa W.

    Nope not mine :kissing_closed_eyes: but I see loads of those around :scream: xxx

  • Christine S.

    I know! Last thing I need so close to my due date! Who knows how long they will take to send it away, fix it and then send it back! Gonna end up with no pram. I'm going to ask them when I phone because I don't think I should have to be driving all the way up there when it's a fault with their product. Scary that you buy things thinking they are from a reputable place and then something is wrong with them.

  • Beverley K.

    Thanks Nat. Yer they have emailed us all. It's what happened to our last pram. Still need to get our new pram checked. Glad they are recalling them all. Although they say it's not a safety issue it is x

  • Claire L.

    Oh crap!! :grimacing:

  • Rachel D.

    Yes it is thanks. I got an email from mamas and papas yesterday, although I've had no problems with mine so far luckily x x x

  • Kim S.

    I have the armadillo but it's not the flip one? I assume mines fine?

  • Tamsyn H.

    Dont have this one....luckily!

  • Terri-anne H.

    Mines the normal armadillo How scary is it that things are not properly checked xxx

  • Bev D.

    Ah good, glad it's not yours. It is scary, even worse that they're customer service is rubbish!

  • Kate J.

    Thanks! I've had an email x

  • Jen L.

    We've already had ours repaired because of this. Thanks lovely :)

  • Diane M.

    I've got the armidillo Xt xx

  • Ceryn H.

    We had the email yesterday. Thanks Hun. Ours has been fine. X

  • Danielle H.

    The car seats were recalled but they are just branded as mamas and papas, mamas and papas as a company do not sell them. It's just unfortunate that mamas and papas branded them. The flip xt is a brilliant pushchair they are just checking them to be on the safe side the fact that they are offering you a loan whilst your one is away being investigated is to me brilliant customer service not many places would go out of their way like mamas and papas do.

  • Emma M.

    Yep! Typical. They just need to chk the clip on the cassis. ...a bit of a pain but they are collecting and dropping off a brand new other model while they fix it and 50 quid gift card. Xx

  • Danielle W.

    Hopefully they will have rough idea of how long it will take to get it fixed and sent back out. They will prob won't pick it up cause they will have loads of people having to return them so easier for them to ask everyone to return them to store because some people prob won't even bother taking it back. Yeah just shows you doesn't matter how much you spend on stuff or where you get it it can still have problems. Xx

  • Christine S.

    Just off the phone to them. They'll come and collect it. Only thing is they can't give you a slot. They'll come on Tuesday between 9am-7pm! :neutral_face: Better than us having to drive all that way though. Got a £50 voucher too, dunno what to spend that on! :joy:

  • Anita P.

    Thank you for this..this is what ive got for yana...better go get it checked out.

  • Puja L.

    yea u remembered that we have the same one. I've never had the issue they have said but better to get it checked xx

  • Alice T.

    And this happens all the time before I put her in so good that they are checking! Xxxx

  • Rachael P.

    Yes it's the flip XT what we've got thanks for letting us know :) xx

  • Josie U.

    Bloody terrible though! :flushed:

  • Michele G.

    Think I will ring them and find out

  • Ashleigh F.

    I got the email this morning, taking it in on Saturday. They give you £50 voucher for inconvenience

  • Emma H.

    Yes I have one of these. Just been to the factory shop too!! Will give them a call.

  • Rebecca W.

    Mines already been sent in hun, thankyou x

  • Karin_Kovalsky

    At least they acknowledged they had a problem. Their distributor in Israel told me it happened only to me! Only when I posted on FB yesterday, they confessed about it! 

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