Mamas And Papas Recall: Armadillo Flip Pushchairs Safety Check Required

Mamas And Papas Recall: Armadillo Flip Pushchairs Safety Check Required

Do you have a Mamas & Papas Armadillo Flip XT or Armadillo Flip Pushchair*? The company has just sent out a 'Quality Notice' to customers that have purchased these requesting that they bring them into a store so that they can be sent for testing and repair.

The issue is described as a "minor technical issue" of a "loose catch". This can mean that "the seat slips backward slightly when the baby is facing you and being pushed".

They stress that "it is not dangerous" and that there have been no reports of any child being injured.

If Mamas and Papas have your email details from an online purchase or any warranties then you will be receiving this email directly from them if you have purchased the affected pushchair. If you cannot get to a store then they will be arranging home collection so that the pushchairs can be repaired. They are not offering refunds as they are instead focusing on repairing the pushchairs.

EDIT: Mamas & Papas have confirmed that they are providing replacement pushchairs whilst repairs are being carries out and that customers will be given a £50 voucher as a goodwill gesture.

If you have any questions about the quality notice and safety check you can click on the link above or contact Mamas and Papas customer service on 03332 412154. If you purchased this pushchair from any other store it may also be affected and you should contact Mamas and Papas either through the above link or by phone.

You can find full details on the Mamas & Papas website here*


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  • Kerry S.

    Oh! Thanks dude xx

    • Jemma Y.

      do you believe that this is the pram that I have for Georgia! !!!! Is there no end to my nightmare with this company! !!! I'm so glad I'm in a much more happy headspace these days! !!! Jx

      • Gemma S.

        Oh love! You have got to be kidding me! If anything you are a great advertisement for people to NOT buy a pram from here! Do you still use it?

        • Stephanie C.

          Sorry to jump on but I have this one too and have had problem after problem. AARRRGGGHHHH!! (Just wanted to share the frustration!)

          • Nuzzhat K.

            Oh I'm so glad I never bought one recently

            • Jemma Y.

              Yeah she's still in her pram, not for long though, she's getting too big but I just couldn't believe it!!! It gave me a giggle because we've still got our compensation money to spend in mamas and papas, I have no clue what to buy with it cos they are a total nightmare!!!! Jx

              • Jemma Y.

                Stephanie Cole my last mamas and papas pram was the mylo and the chassis actually twisted and snapped! That was my second model and it took them four months to deliver the original in dribs and drabs! It was a hysterical nightmare at 9 months pregnant!!! I can't wait to see the back of them! Never again!!! Jx

                • Claire F.

                  Mine had this problem and got a replacement then had that repaired and then mum said it done it again

                  • Calsie B.

                    Claire Fitzsimons how did you get a replacement?

                  • Samantha A.

                    It's only if the baby is facing you I believe x

                    • Laragh T.

                      Not had an email but I'll call them I guess. Nothing but problems with M&P stuff :neutral_face: x

                      • Annette H.

                        Ours is not a flip - think we're OK xxx

                        • Sally H.

                          Just checked my emails nothing there but was in junk so have a look ... What are we going to do :see_no_evil::see_no_evil: x

                          • Danielle L.

                            this is what happened the other day with the pram i think!!

                            • Kathryn L.

                              I agree, you need to have it checked asap.

                              • Danielle L.

                                You take it into the shop they then service it and replace the part by the sound of it. Will get in touch with mamas and papas when i get home x

                              • Sarah C.

                                I have one. The seat does on occasions slip back but it is by a tiny fraction and not worth worrying about.

                                • Manisha P.

                                  please check yours xx

                                  • Nina S.

                                    Thanks min! We go back to them to check it. Xx

                                  • Jon K.

                                    Can't believe it.... again..... This push chair nothing but problems...

                                    • Angela W.

                                      Cry! That's what I'm going to do. Do you think they'll provide a replacement whilst being fixed. Surely they'll have too? Xx

                                      • Sally H.

                                        I don't know but ul get a £50 voucher as a good will gesture did u get email? It doesn't mention it :see_no_evil: I know I have car seat and can get out but can't be carrying that around lol xx

                                        • Katie S.

                                          Thank you!! Just read the email what a chew on! Xxx

                                          • Fay T.

                                            seems everyone was having my problem when I mentioned it to you the other day. Just incase your buying one for p X

                                            • Bella B.

                                              Oh bloody heck!! Thanks a lot Huni, glad I waited to buy it now!! Xxx

                                            • Harriet B.

                                              Oh my!!!!!! Thank you xx

                                              • Donna H.

                                                £50 gift card if you take it in xx

                                                • Calsie B.

                                                  Did you just take the pram in? I have this pram but haven't received an email x

                                                  • Donna H.

                                                    I've rang them, it's just the chassis they need, mines still all boxed up so will be returning the box with it in x

                                                  • Susan H.

                                                    Oh no!!!!

                                                    • Nicola B.

                                                      ah I know I got an email about this earlier, going to try and book it in :confused: hope yours is ok xxx

                                                      • Amy �.

                                                        don't get the armadillo :/

                                                        • Lily M.

                                                          Oh my god just read about this!!!

                                                        • Sarah B.

                                                          Sold mine :flushed: