Is Sex Grooming On The Rise?

8 January 2011


The BBC article on sex abuse grooming being a growing problem in the UK yesterday really got to me, and I've not been able to shift it from my mind since.

The article explained that the grooming of young people for sex is not limited to the internet, but that gangs of men are doing so on the streets of the UK, offering girls (and probably boys) alcohol, drugs and lifts. Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation made an incredibly sensitive claim in a BBC interview two years ago: that “although there have been some cases of white men being involved in this sexual exploitation of young girls, most of the perpetrators are Muslim.” (which Jack Straw refuted, stating that prisons are full of overwhelmingly white sex offenders)

I personally know two rape survivors – one by two Africans and one by a white man – so there's no call for suddenly demonising a whole, large, group of British citizens and residents.

I do agree with Mr Shafiq on one thing about the rapists though:

"These people think that white girls have fewer morals and are less valuable than our girls."

I lived in Malaysia for a while, and I would spend hours a day in a local internet cafe. Malaysia is a primarily Muslim country, and most of the men and boys in the cafe were Muslim Malays, since we lived in a very Malay area (as compared to Expat, Chinese or Indian). What surprised me most – although oddly never made me feel unsafe – was that of the twenty or so computers, there would without fail be at least ten on pornography sites. One day a young boy, around 11 years old, approached me and asked me if I would “teach him how to play sex”.

Obviously, I declined, but when I discussed this with an adult friend, he told me this was a common thing: I was white, therefore promiscuous, just like the girls they saw on the internet, American TV and movies. I was shocked, but saw the cultural stereotype.

Mr Shafiq rightly says, however, that “No community or faith ever sanctions these evil crimes and to suggest that this is somehow ingrained in the community is deeply offensive."

The fact remains, that rape – no matter your colour - is simply not acceptable, and these rapists are targeting the vulnerable.

These pages from the BBC, DirectGov and British Columbia's Ministry of Children and Family Development have useful tips on how to protect children from abuse, and what to do if you expect abuse.

Who was it that said “What we do to children, they'll do to the world”? I don't remember. But it has never been more true.

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  • Agent47
    This is an Asian/Muslim problem and its been going on for years. Though we cant say anything about it incase we are branded rascists.
  • ants97
    It's good to know that asda are currently selling a baby grooming kit for a tenner and for the prospective groomees that "a little lipgloss goes a long way".
  • World_Peace
    remember josef fritzl, now why dont we all say "all white people", "christian" or even "men with hair" are disturbed??? why bring religion into it??? OK this might be a problem with pakistani people, but it has nothing to do with "islam" and before we hear all the bullcrap myths about the prophet, here is a link to show where those myths originated and why. PLEASE READ THE FIRST 3 PARAGRAPHS (especially the 3rd) merry christmas
  • Agent 4.
    I disagree that this is an Asian/Muslim problem. It is a problem for Society as a whole, beause those children are all our children and the criminals who perpetrate these acts are an affront to us all. Extrapolating a limited occurence to castigate an entire group based on their race or colour is rascist and you would be branded as such quite, rightly, too.
  • World_Peace
    Also just to add, why is Luschka van Onselen (the author of this article) shocked at teenage boys going on porn websites?? does she still believe in Santa clause?
  • grex9101
    Agreed, they can't touch their own kind so they prey on ours. I have it on good authority that young muslim men are told they can have any number of white women, as long as they only have one muslim one. It's sickening, and these people should be sent home to a muslim country as they don't belong here.
  • Alabaster C.
    Nice to see that this supposed deal site for parents is devolving into a watered down Daily Mail parody of racist knee jerking.
  • Agent 4.
    Then you'd be wrong, because it's exactly what Agent47 said it was.
  • Sam
    Just wait till the cataloguing of everything according to its ability to cause or prevent cancer begins...
  • Mike W.
    I hate to put some of the commenters right, but it's worth saying (as someone who is half Malaysian) that the racial stereotyping of white people (especially white women) as being incredibly sexually liberal is true. The media in many middle-eastern and eastern countries does depict white women in particular as 'easy' or 'slutty'. I'm not sure what this has to do with the subject of the BBC article exactly, but cultural differences do exist and they are worth talking about without strawmanning (pun intended) the discussion as a parody of the Daily Mail.
  • Alabaster C.
    When a site sets itself up to be the place to find the cheapest prices on baby arse wipes, I don't expect it to suddenly grow right-wing views on racial stereotypes and worries of broken-Britain type attitudes on sexual grooming. Also: Shock! Media outlets in other countries are racist too!
  • get f.
    All of u who want to blame the minority group need to check the society we live in. We live in a society where girls grow up too fast, have numerous boyfriends by the time they are like 16, and even sleep with people as one night stands. Fred9101... who the Hell told u ur big story about Muslim men? Firstly... why are u bringing Islam into this? Secondly have u ever picked up a quran to read it? I highly doubt it. So the Muslims.
  • get f.
    All of u who want to blame the minority group need to check the society we live in. We live in a society where girls grow up too fast, have numerous boyfriends by the time they are like 16, and even sleep with people as one night stands. No one says its wrong. But it is. It leads to a belief that these things are ok. Fred9101... who the Hell told u ur big story about Muslim men? Firstly... why are u bringing Islam into this? Secondly have u ever picked up a quran to read it? I highly doubt it. So the Muslims. If mothers now a days stopped their daughters hanging around pubs, clubs, party places, n here n there, and taught them not to be so "easy" then maybe men, in general, wouldn't be able to do these things. It is very dangerous for young girls to be unaccompanied in places where this could happen. Yet parents don't question their daughters or sons on their whereabouts. They allow them to stroll in when they want. They don't stop them frombsleeping wig every boyfriend or girlfriend they have. Our society has lost all of its important values and morals. Cal me old fashioned. The liberal attitude of this country is why men find it so easy to do this. They dont even have to worry about harsh punishments. A while in jail, with everything u need is like a holiday. I'm sure that if certain white girls stopped behaving like they have no self respect, then men wouldn't think they could get away with this.
  • anon
    We must remember that some of the race riots started with the rumour a Muslim man did something to a young girl. I don't think that Muslim men do it any more than white men, although I do think the Police are often unwilling to act for fear of being branded racist, and some Muslims have a brazen attitude thinking they will never get caught. You'll have seen the Police Camera Action TV shows where the Police pull over a young asian lad for committing driving offences and their immediate reaction to the officers is "you're being racist". It's a shame how racism can only work in one direction.
  • anon
    Oh and also if such issues are ever raised in newspapers, they usually are not allowed to state the race of the offender - particularly in places like Bradford and Rotheram. Typically such cases often relate to Mulsim offenders and omitting the race and name is presumably done to stop race riots.
  • Alabaster C.
    So what's the best price for some Huggies at the moment?
  • Lumoruk
    Why advertise the baby grooming kit with this? That is sick!
  • Lynley O.
    I don't know about Huggies but there's a cracking deal at Amazon for Pampers.
  • Lynley O.
    Ooooh and now we get the sexist comments as well as the racist ones! Women, gasp, enjoy sex and like having a good time. They like it most of all though when it is their choice. This story is about having that choice taken away and that is not the girls faults, nor is it the fault of the mothers. Why should it be the women who have to stay out of bars and clubs? Does this happen in far more sexually liberal countries where they don't have hangups about sex? No. But then from what I understand, a healthy attitude towards sex includes not over sexualising children as is increasingly the case in the UK. We send our children very wrong, very mixed messages. This encouragement to dress up all sexy when they're five? Lip gloss for preschoolers? And then blaming the girls and the mothers for being too 'easy'? It leads to situations like this one, ruining the lives of so many young girls who are introduced to a sexual life far too soon.
  • Lynley O.
    I think that Ants isn't so much advertising as making a point about the increasing sexualisation of products aimed at tots and preschoolers in this country.
  • Agent504
    I don't think its a Asian/Muslim problem either. We all know that rape under Shariah/Muslim law carries the death penalty and I believe pimping would carry the same. So maybe the problem is society.. these two individuals whos comments actually seem to be in quite sane and do carry some sense. Maybe our laws should be harsher against rapist and pimps?
  • john
    i don't think anyone condones the actions of this gang, what they did was absolutely disgusting but to finger point and paint hundreds and thousands of young men with the same brush is inexcusable. for such an experienced politician to speak in such terms indicates how much he has lost the plot. to lay the blame on the doorstep of one community and not the other is inexplicable. this is more to do with society as a whole and declining values and morals. there is a minority of parents within all races who do not care and do not know where there children are and what they are up to. they have a failed relationship with their children due to a failure in communication. children are out til early hours and when they return home they don't even get questioned about where they have been nor do they get punished for coming home late. another extremely important factor is the sale of alcohol which day by day has become easily available as well as the availability of drugs. as soon as children reach their teens they become curious of things such as alcohol and drugs and the ones who do not get educated about the dangers of alcohol and drugs from their parents tend to be the ones who get led astray by peer groups and eventually extreme gangs.
  • Agent X.
    These evil sickos would have abused Asian and black girls given half a chance, nothing to do with their ethnicity or religion of their relatives. They preyed on vulnerable girls fullstop. Asian girls are under stricter controls and curfews because there are such sickos cruising the streets looking for girls who come from broken homes so they can ply them with intoxicants and drugs. They do it because they think they can. Send them to the Taliban to administer their punishment. Can't think of a better deterrent. Still leaves the problem of broken homes, sexualisation of children, encouraging rebelliousness and an impotent penal system. These sickos and their associates had families and children of their own. The opportunity to do what they did coupled with their innate evil is what led to this.
  • BBC, p.
    First of All, lets look at the source of where this claim comes from. Jack Straw, who failed massively in his role. All the way to say it's asian and make the news is quite common, obvioulsy you fail to highlight the main base for BBC. You have to understand, journalists and news bases have to conform to certain bases and rules. They have to in order to gain coverage of that story. Malaysia might have lots of Muslim but it is not under Sharia law. Also another issue is under sharia Pornography is highly sinful and carries massive punishment. Those who have faith and pray and express their religion would not even come close. It's like saying Im Chrisitan but i dont go to church, i dont act and follow the way of Jesus, nor do i Love my neighbour but all that makes me Christian is my name; Jacob. The issue here is about government policies, in the UK kids are taught about Sex; in neighbouring countries, there is no Sex education and there continues to be a low rate of underage pregnancies etc. Also those who says it is an Asian/Muslim problem, do you have any statistics to back this up rather than branding all muslims/asian under a vile category. According to official figures, it is 5.6% of Asian sex offenders serving in UK prisons compared to 81.9% of White sex offenders and 9.9% Black. Also Asian can mean Chinese, Japanses, Indian and so forth. It's time you stop reading The Sun and expose yourself to real news. A story about celebrities is not news. Also the hate on Islam is frightening, all of you offer your own rascists view. Have you met the majority of Muslims, stop labelling all Muslims please. When a white person attempted to mug me, I did not label all white people as Thief's / criminal and weak especially as this one pegged it after a little nudge.
  • Lumoruk
    Shocking that you advertise baby grooming along with this. Truely disgusting!
  • Luschka O.
    Hi, World_Peace. That's a valid question. I wasn't shocked at 'teenage boys going on porn websites' but instead I was shocked within the context of that community. If you're ever in Malaysia - and I HIGHLY recommend it, it's an amazing country - you'll see that any movie, tv programme etc has the same thing: the music starts playing, the two starlets move towards each other, their lips are about to touch - and then it's morning. They are VERY conservative, so in my 20-year old naivity, it was a surprise to me. Added to which, I have been in many internet cafes in many parts of the world, and don't believe I've ever seen pornography on the screens - it's not usually allowed due to potential virus risks etc. Hope that answers it for you! :)
  • Luschka O.
    LOL Lynley!
  • Luschka O.
    Hi BBC... Just to set the record straight, it was Mohammed Shafiq, chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation who made the statement about Muslims being behind the majority of these crimes. It was, in fact, Jack Straw who refuted it and stated that the prisons are primarily full of white perpetrators.
  • Big B.
    @lumoruk It looks like the sick one is you to even think these two are related.
  • colleen
    You sure know how to set the cat amongst the pigeons. I ALWAYS enjoy reading your writings, informative, thought provoking,in some cases tongue in cheek and downright funny. Sometimes the only bit of fun in an otherwise sometimes sad world. Keep it up

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