Happy World Gin Day For Tomorrow!

World Gin Day

It's World Gin Day tomorrow! Which can mean only one thing. You've got the perfect excuse for enjoying a little G&T or two.

Tomorrow marks the seventh annual World Gin Day which, according to the website, is a "celebration of all things gin, giving us a legitimate excuse (not that we need one) to mix up a cocktail and learn about all of the exceptional gins that are currently on the market".

So I'm just going to casually mention that this 70cl bottle of Gordon's Special Dry London Gin is on special offer at Tesco right now, reduced from £20 to £14. Just saying.

You can keep up with World Gin Day on Facebook. Or you could just sit down with a a glass of the stuff and let the internet do its thing while you chillax* a bit.

*Can't believe I actually just used the word chillax. It's definitely time for a drink...

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