Get The 'Guards' Range as worn by Prince George! @ Cath Kidston

Get The 'Guards' Range as worn by Prince George! @ Cath Kidston

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We all loved the tank top that Prince George wore in the new official photos just released. The good news is we know where it's from. The bad news is that it's sold out, but you can count on us to let you know if it comes back in stock.

The blue tank top with the Royal Guardsmen on it is from the 'Guards' range from Cath Kidston, so although the only way to grab the top is from ebay, there are still a few things in the same range in stock - but they are selling SO FAST there's hardly anything left in stock!

If you want to dress your toddler in the Guards design there were pyjamas, onesies and sleepsuits - but these are mostly out of stock now. The other option is to buy accessories like the kid's backpack, stationery, mugs and so on as most of these are still available.

Kate has shown how high street savvy she is by choosing the Cath Kidston range, and Prince George's tank top was even reduced in the sale. How many future kings wear a half price jumper! It was a bit of a bargain at £16.

Incidentally Nada tells us his shoes were from Start Rite too!


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