Find The Best Deal On Home Broadband (Guest Post)

11 December 2010


Today's guest post comes from the pen of Rob Clymo who writes on behalf of Broadband Genie, the independent comparison website for finding broadband and mobile broadband deals.

Having a broadband supply is becoming an essential way of life for most of us now, although if you’re still in the market for it or wish to change from an existing supplier then it’s a great time to get yourself a great deal too.

The key to making sure that you have secured yourself the best deal possible is to ensure that you do a little bit or research prior to signing on the dotted line. There are a wealth of providers out there who offer many different package options, but you can hone these down by doing a little bit of homework first.

First up; try looking at availability in your area because not all services are available everywhere. Even if they are you may well find that some broadband providers offer a better deal than others based on your geographical location. There are useful online tools available that will enable you to check the availability of products and services using a postcode checker tool.

Another thing to do is also take a look at the line speed you can hope to get in your locale. Again, use free tools on the internet to help you ascertain whether or not you’ll be best off going for ADSL or cable based broadband services.

Prices change all the time too, so use an online comparison tool that will enable to you scan all available broadband deals and then fine-tune them so that they match the sort of criteria that you’re looking for from a broadband supply. That could include price, but speed is also a large factor – the faster the connection the more you generally pay.

Data limits are also something to watch out for, because if you’re a heavy internet user who downloads lots of content, such as movies, then you’ll want a service that gives you the freedom to do this without penalties. You may pay a little more for the extra capacity and speed but this is better than being told off by your provider for overstepping their limits.

One of the best ways to get a great deal is to try the option of bundling services. This could mean adding together broadband, landline phone and also a TV package into one deal that should allow you to get much better value for money. Broadband providers always have special offers on these too, and they’ll often throw in the kit that you need for free or at a reduced rate.

Getting the right broadband package at a decent price is often about timing, so pick your moment to sign up for a deal. However, top deals come and go all the time, so even if you miss out on one this week you’ll be sure to find another the next week.

Thanks to Bruno Girin, KIUI staff.


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