Exchanging Easter Eggs For Spring Spheres

Spring Spheres

There are some things that just aren't socially acceptable, I'm sure you agree. While I personally think removing the Golliwog from Noddy was more insulting than just, say, changing his name, and I just can't call Christmas anything but, I can understand how someone with no affinity or link to Christ might simply prefer 'happy holidays'.

I do think, however, that the Seattle school that chose to rename Easter Eggs as Spring Spheres in an attempt to appease parents who were trying to keep their children's lives as religion-free as possible, has gone a little bit too far.

As Sunny Channel at Strollerderby says: “One big thing about the name 'Spring Sphere'… an egg is not sphere shaped. Oval yes. Sphere no. The school may be trying to teach the children to be non-offensive but in doing so shouldn’t they use an accurate moniker? Couldn’t they call it a “Spring Egg,” or “Eggers,” or “Pastel Plastic Ovals Filled with Candy.”

But incorrect name aside, surely, if the school wanted to teach the children to be non-offensive, the better way of doing so would be explaining that Easter is a Christian celebration (based on the Jewish Passover), eggs are a pagan symbol of fruitfulness and really, most of the world just likes chocolate?

I see no difference between an Easter-egg-shaped-Spring-Sphere and hiring a prostitute and calling her your “special friend”. It's the same thing, changing the name doesn't change what it is. As far as I can see, it's not teaching the children anything other than how to kid yourself and justify your actions till they fit your desires. But maybe that's just me.

If we want to remove anything of any religious or traditional value for everyone across the board, I think it's time Halloween became known as Fancy Dress night, Guy Fawkes became Fireworks Night, and bank holidays became Sale Days, and we can all drift further from our roots, our history, our traditions, and become one global society with absolutely no understanding of, or need for tolerance, difference or respect.

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  • Nigel
    Wonderful post. I hate this PC world where we abandon our own values, supposedly so as to cause no offence. Why should we kow-tow to the alleged sensitivities of others. I am British, the British have Easter Eggs, if you don't like it go away. ( I do appreciate that this incident is in the USA, but these principles seem to apply globally, wherever there are soft in the head do-gooders.) The sad thing thing is that Easter Eggs probably cause no offence to Hindus, Muslims, etc. the problem doesn't exist, it is just a fabrication by the PC brigade.
  • Luschka O.
    Thanks for the comment Nigel. While I do think that it's incredibly important to be considerate to others, it cuts both ways and I do agree with you. If you don't want your children raised around religion, that's fine, but then YOU should be making the sacrifices. It's like the Amish - they decided what they believe, and created a community for themselves - they don't make everyone in town switch off their TV's, computers and radios and hide their cars when they need to make a trip in! (Not according to what you see of them in American movies, anyway :) ) I also don't think keeping kids away from religion is helpful. It allows them no knowledge of, or understanding of, other cultures or belief systems - how is that promoting tolerance? Diversity? Free thinking? No, I'm afraid I think it's flawed thinking, in my view, anyway.
  • SlayerKat
    Good post. I'm really shocked. As a Catholic I find the notion of renaming Easter quite offensive. (Although I hate the association with chocolate eggs but that's another story). If people don't like Easter, don't celebrate it! Simples..
  • Lynley O.
    Easter comes from the Saxon word for the goddess, Eostre. It was her festival that the church replaced. And why there are chicks, rabbits and eggs involved in Easter (a bit absent from the Crucifixtion). So I'm wondering why exactly the schools are taking issue with Easter Eggs. Presumably the same people don't allow for Halloween either, maybe preferring to call it get dressed up and look a bit scary day?
  • SlayerKat
    I do know that some parents at my kids' school (non-denominational) don't like it when the PTA put on a Halloween disco. Although personally it doesn't bother me. I don't really withdraw my children from anything.
  • Luschka O.
    Well, technically it's an amalgamation of two festivals, really - Eostre & Passover. Both being religious festivals, really, it only fair to then take issue with the eggs too! As for Halloween, while reading up for this story, I did come across someone who calls Halloween "black and orange day". I kid you not.
  • Luschka O.
    I can understand why people, especially Christians, don't like Halloween - I must admit I am always still a little uncomfortable with it, although I do love a good fancy dress party! Our Christian school used to do a Fancy Dress party that, amazingly, coincided with Halloween every year, but we weren't allowed monster & witch costumes. I've never been really sure that there's a point to that - same as with the eggs: different name, same thing. But, as with everything - if you don't like it, don't participate. It's really that simple!
  • colleen
    I think Christians should go back to basics and forget the Easter eggs ....that way the schools wont have a problem at all.No one will be offended except the Christians....LOL

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