England Bans Smoking In Cars Carrying Children From 1st October 2015

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The ban on smoking in cars with children has been in the works for some time now, and after a vote in the House Of Commons today the ban was passed.

As of 1st October 2015 it will become illegal to smoke in a car that is carrying under 18's as passengers, and anyone breaking the law could be fined £50.

The bill was passed by a very large majority of MP's voting in favour, and while the move has received widespread support, there is a small but vocal minority who see this as an intrusion into their personal lives.

The dangers to health of passive smoking are very well known now, and the law is aimed at protecting young children and babies who are at greater risk of chest infections, asthma, meningitis and even cot death from being exposed to second hand smoke.

Bans on smoking in cars with children are already in place in Wales, as well as in parts of the US, Canada and Australia, and Scotland is said to be considering a similar move.

The British Lung Foundation says that more than 400,000 children a week are exposed to smoking in cars, so if this ban is helping to prevent that then surely it's  the right move? Or do you think it is an intrusion into what could be considered a private space? And is a £50 fine really that much of a deterrent? 

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  • johnnyyy
    COUNTRY of bans!!! another method of making money money money!
  • Budview1
    Well done England. But you are only catching up to Australia. Now catch up to not displaying cigarettes in stores and plain paper packaging for packets so as to stop attracting new smokers.

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