How Much Would It Take For You To Destroy Your Family Albums?

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I've been mulling over an amusing bit of research for the last few days. According to a study conducted by SanDisk, 66% of Brits would not destroy their photo albums, even for £1m but 1/3rd of us would destroy them for £250k or less.

At first I thought that was madness - no one could ever pay me enough to burn my albums, but then I started thinking about it and realised that since everything I have is now backed up on the computer anyway, I figured actually for a million... well, maybe? I mean, apart from the pictures, there are things that I wouldn't be able to replace – like ticket stubs, notes from friends, grains of sand from the beach, or party confetti. The photo album is more of a recollection of an experience than a book of pictures – which having them on the computer is.

The study also showed that 46% of men were more likely to destroy the photo albums, compared to only 22% of women, which doesn't come as a surprise, really. Strangely, though, 14% of men would keep pictures of the day they met their spouse as compared to 13% of women.

Interestingly, the UK tops the list in the Europe-wide study for people who would destroy their family memories in exchange for cash.

I just don't think I could do it, electronic back-ups or not, but my hubby who admits that he hasn't invested as much time and effort into creating our annual family albums, definitely puts himself in the £250K or less bracket.

So this led me to wondering: how much would you want in exchange for chucking those family albums on the bonfire?

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  • emmajk42
    Wouldn't bother me at all because I have absolutely everything digitally. The only ones I have in hard copy have been created online using an online print company, so totally replicable.
  • jackracidface231
    Well obviously its not about whether you have it digital or not!!! jeez! Take it to mean "Destroy all your pictures ever". If you have two copies obv you would trade one set of copies for the cash and just make new ones.....
  • LynleyOram
    For a million quid? Sure why not. Having a photo record of the early years is only a recent thing. People have done without for long time and survived just fine. With money, I could make the lives of my family more comfortable. It would be nice to help all three children onto the property ladder themselves, and help them have the luxury of being able to have a family they can spend time with (and not have to work all hours just to pay the rent/mortgage on a shoebox).
  • LuschkaPP
    @jackraciface231. Destroy all your pictures ever? Hell no. No way. Not at all. Not for 10 million. @Lynley, very practical, but still. No. Not me. @Emma - but if as mr Jack there says, you had to destory them totally?
  • emmajk42
    I agree with Lynley. Using that money to better the kid's lives would be ideal - but I couldn't put a number on losing all my pics, even digital copies. Unless someone was physically standing their with the cash in their hand...
  • LuschkaPP
    Hmmm... cash in hand.... i'd have to think about it. But can't put a price on it either. :(

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