Collect Ten Tokens For FREE £10 Tesco Gift Card (Can Be Used For Petrol) With The Sun

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Let's be honest, £10 to spend in a supermarket would come in handy at any time of the year, but in the run up to Christmas, it can be welcomed even more. The Sun and Tesco have teamed up to give readers the chance of bagging a FREE £10 Tesco Gift Card when they collect tokens. The great news is that it's not just groceries that you can use the gift card on, but PETROL!

All you need to do is collect TEN tokens that will be printed in The Sun newspaper. There will be a total of SIXTEEN printed from now until the 18th October, so worry not if you miss one or two. Just attach your tokens to the form supplied in The Sun and send them off. Then it's just a matter of waiting for your FREEBIE!

In total, you will pay £4 once you have bought enough papers to claim your £10 Tesco Gift Card, which means you will get £6 profit!

You can only claim one per household, so it's worth bearing that in mind before you go out and clear the shelves.

Apparently, there are NO restrictions on what you can spend it on, so you can use it on petrol, alcohol and possibly even baby milk!

Click here* for more info.

Thanks to foxymeister @ HUKD

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  • mickey20409
    what address do I send my vouchers of 2?
  • karenplaypennies
    what address do I send my vouchers of 2?
    From reading the link above mickey it looks like it's printed on the form you've collected?
  • calvaria
    The address is not on the form, anybody know it and can let me know Thanks
  • redeye61
    hi ya did you manage to get the adress mate
  • nadacolada
    what address do I send my vouchers of 2?
    On searching online, this seems to be the problem for everyone! Tut Tut The Sun! I will keep my eyes peeled for the address and as soon as I find it I will let you know. :D Nada
  • helloitsmedazza
    Here's the address: Free £10 Tesco Petrol, PO Box 7778, Colchester CO2 8WH
  • nadacolada
    Here's the address: Free £10 Tesco Petrol, PO Box 7778, Colchester CO2 8WH
    BIG Thank you! :D
  • charzz
    Is it freepost or do I have to stamp it.
  • sarnie13
    When will the vouchers be sent out.
    • fishy1

      still waiting for the so called voucher???

      • reborn1970

        Yes, me too?? How do I contact the Sun to ask the wherabouts??

        • naw83

          I have, what they said is written below

  • Roma251
    They seem to be taking a long time to send the gift cards out??
  • Anthony2244
    Very long time waiting for vouchers
  • john222222
    Whats happening about vouchers .long while comming
  • keva
    I'm beggining to wonder if the post man as had my vouchers away
  • nadacolada
    WOW! Seems The Sun haven't made a very good job of this promotion. Hope they send out your vouchers to you all soon. Nada :D
  • middle81
    Has anyone received their vouchers yet?
    • tracyf72

      I received mine Monday 9th nov but my mam not received hers yet both sets of tokens were posted together so thought hers would've came by now 

  • geordie4
    haven't seen any vouchers yet. I genuinely thought the postie was enjoying it but if no one else has theirs then maybe they forgot about us?!
  • -2b

    sent as required  10 different tokens over a month ago still waiting for voucher

  • Jimbo

    Like a lot of other people, I am still waiting for my vouchers to be sent. The required tokens we're sent over a month ago.

    Also collected tokens for voucher from Morrisons from the sun Still waiting for them as well !!!

    This promotion has not help the Sun's reputation

  • ems10

    We did both the Tesco and Morrisons offers and have not had anything yet either. 

    I was too begining the posties had had a field day.

    Pretty bad

  • naw83

    I contacted the sun and the tesco voucher should be no later than the 30th of Nov and the morrisons no later than the 16 Dec and the Gillette razor before Christmas too. Hope this helps 

  • exhaustman

    Sent all my coupons off for £10 Tesco vouchers and £10 Morrisons vouchers and Free Razor, weeks and weeks ago.  received nothing, is this a Sun scam or what? to not receive any at all there must be a major problem

    • admin

      Hi there :) We blogged the offer but if you have any issues you'll have to contact the Sun directly to try and get them resolved. It does seem like a long wait though, hopefully you get it sorted soon xx

      • juleswill22

        I still haven't received my Tesco voucher after 2 months, my Morrison's voucher came just before Xmas, I sent them both off on the same day! Any idea's Mr Tesco?  

        • admin

          Have you tried getting in touch with them directly Jules? 

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