Celababy: A Bump Out Of The Blue!

Jessica Simpson finally confirmed her second pregnancy on Christmas Day and  proceeded to post a picture of her HUGE bump, that seems to have popped out out of the blue (and what's with this all this ridiculous pouting?!).

During her previous, and first pregnancy, Jessica threw all culinary caution to the wind and ate up an absolute storm - she, now infamously, told about her 'thing' for pop tarts with all sorts of other sugary crap slapped on top; I'm sure Twinkies featured rather heavily on her pregnancy menu, so it was no wonder she ended up the size of a house.

Then, of course, came the Weight Watchers deal - I tell you, the Weight Watchers exec's are either rubbing their hands with glee, or holding their heads in their hands having chosen Jessica as their diet 'face'.

She reportedly struggled like crazy to lose the contracted amount of weight in a certain amount of time, and now that she has (video and pictures, for the ad campaigns, all shot and in the can) she's up the duff again!

In the January 2013 edition of the Weight Watchers magazine, Jessica reveals her new food love:

I’m crazy about smoothies, so I bring fruit chopped up and ready to go.  That way I can sip the same smoothie all morning long between takes. If it thins out, I put it back in the blender with crushed ice for a few minutes

No more pop tarts and Twinkies then..?  Well, maybe, maybe not - Weight Watchers seem to be covering themselves and have issued a statement...j-u-s-t in case:

Jessica will not be following the programme during the pregnancy while her weight and well-being are monitored by her obstetrician

Make of that what you will; Jessica is set to remain the face of Weight Watchers and even announces her new pregnancy in one of the Weight Watchers ads - it'll be interesting to see whether or not she learned her lesson from the last time.  After all, she can't use the 'I didn't realise all the weight didn't come off when the baby was born' line of defence a second time!

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