Why Are We Not Buying Barbie Anymore?


I read in the newspaper that sales of Barbie are falling steeply and at a rapid rate. Part of me feels really sad about this because all I ever wanted to play with was my Barbie. There just has to be a solid reason why she just isn't 'in' anymore.

Barbie has had revamps in recent years, but even the addition of a mobile phone and a tablet isn't making her recent and desirable.

I honestly think the start of Barbie's unravelling was as soon as Bratz hit the market. Look at how different dolls are now since they came on the scene. The big eyes and inflated lips are clearly what our children want in a doll.

Why is it that most kids these days think Barbie is boring? Her name is definitely dated, and I think her whole look is too. Many of our children fell in love with Elsa dolls in 2014. Of course, the film is what captured the hearts of our children, but they still demanded the doll.

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  • cherise16
    As i type this comment my 4 children are all playing with their barbies. They have at least 30 dolls, 3 cars, 2 camper vans, 3 horses, horse trailer plus lots of other sets. These are the one toy they will always play with. We have zhu zhu pets hamsters, lego and various other toys but its always barbies that get played with on a regular basis. They love making up stories and role playing with the barbies and doing their hair and changing the clothes. They are a invaluable today it encourages imagination, sharing, turn taking,fine and gross motor skills and fun for both boys and girls. It would be a shame if salws dropped till they were no longer available..

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