If It Ain't Broke Don't Fix It! Cadbury Creme Eggs Have CHANGED!


I am actually in a fizzing rage about this. Okay, so last year Cadbury decided to stop the production of Chocolate Coins. Right, that was a bit of a blow but now they have angered the beast that is the Great British Nation. They have only gone and tampered with the make-up of everyone's favourite Easter treat, the Cadbury Creme Egg! Why oh why change something that is adored by the whole nation, I will never know.

Whilst it was never marketed as such, Creme Eggs have always had that signature Cadbury chocolate flavour about them. As if they were thickly encased in Dairy Milk. It's the chocolate they have changed, a money saving exercise one can only assume.

To make matters worse, they have cut our favourite half dozen carton of the confectionary eggs down to just five now. They say it's because they wanted to keep the price the same.

I reckon we could all stomach a slight increase in price if it meant they stayed the same in quality and flavour. Cadbury what are playing at. Oh and by the way, this change in chocolate is said to only be implemented in the UK. I mean it's not like we consume two-thirds of the 500 million Creme Eggs you produce every year!

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