BHS To Go Into Administration

BHS To Go Into Administration

EDIT 26/04/16: A BHS spokesperson has confirmed that the company will go into administration today. There is a press statement due at 11.30am from BHS and the administrators, and a letter has been sent to all 11,000 staff after last minute attempts to save the company failed. More to follow...

If you have any BHS* gift cards lying around, I'd use them sooner rather than later as there's reports springing up everywhere today that they could file for administration as early as tomorrow.

The BBC reports a source close to the owners said "things don't look good"

BHS have been accused of falling behind the times in recent years, not changing in an ever evolving market, while everyone else around them has.

Sir Philip Green famously sold BHS to Retail Acquisitions for £1 last year (after buying it for £200m in 2000) and things haven't changed for the better. They currently have a £571m pension deficit which is likely to be a concern for any potential buyers.

So we'll have to watch this space and see what happens tomorrow. Reports say as many as 11,000 jobs could be at risk and that's never good to hear.

Meanwhile if you or any of your friends have any BHS gift cards lying around, make sure you spend them asap!

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  • Emma M.

    I made am online order yesterday is online OK???

    • Karen G.

      Me too! Guessing the administrators will want all the orders they can get!

    • Emma M.

      Hopefully I spent 79 quid :grimacing:

  • Tahira W.

    wow! Xx

    • Sahira S.

      Ahh that's sad :cry: like woolworths goin. Everyone our age grown up with bhs xx

  • Caroline G.

    We have one for £30 does that mean that is now voided ?

    • Claire L.

      It's not all said and done but they can't refuse them until the company goes into administration. My advice would be spend it just in case. X

    • Kerry W.

      Normally shops won't accept them

    • Clare P.

      Not when they hit administration spend before close of business tomorrow

    • Rebecca J.

      Spend them now otherwise you will lose it my mam had one for peacocks £50 she lost it when they went into ad

  • Julie W.

    Just read this,not good ! X

  • Clare P.

    Administration will normally mean they become void so get them spent asap

  • Julie G.

    Another store to cross off on the high street voucher!!

  • Michelle M.

    It's barcleys so should be ok

  • Tracey P.

    BHS is going into administration :confused:

  • Rachel C.

    ??? Hope this isn't true xxxx

  • Natalie P.

    are they closing down xx

  • Kirsty R.

    bad news! xx

    • Lynne R.

      It certainly is I should have gone yesterday. Gutted x

  • Lorraine B.

    best spend my £25 then, x

  • Julie M.

    See it and sorted. Thank you.xxxx

  • Amy B.


  • Rachael W.

    If they go into administration they sell their stock off, and remain open under a new owner for a period of time to see of the new owner can keep them open. If they go into liquidation then they close down completely and gift cards are void.

  • guest

    use it online use the voucher x

  • Hayley K.

    is this true? Xxx

  • Heather H.

    is this true ?

  • Gail F.


    • Lorraine F.

      I did see this and I absolutely gutted for all the Bhs staff sad:-(

  • Helen M.

    . We May need to get boys waistcoats etc soon.x

  • Nicola K.

    Such sad news for all those poor employees :-(

  • Alice T.


  • Nikki S.

    Shame the shitty company can't tell the staff first and have to see it plastered all over the news.

    • Marnie S.

      Could be worse. Have you ever turned up for work and have the locks changed and told you've not got a job by folk you've never seen before?

      That's what happened to a company I worked for. I didn't get the pay I was due in holidays etc as I wasn't on a contract that other management were on who got redundancy packages.

    • Sharon M.

      Same happened to me at citylink we found out xmas day via the news it shouldn't be allowed they should legally hv to tell the staff first

  • Sarah S.

    wont be able to use our love2shop vouchers in there this xmas now x

  • Ellie N.

    The one in Southampton has been gone since January!

  • Sally-Marie E.

    This is such sad news always liked bhs

  • Samantha F.

    trip to get some bargains soon :clap: x

  • Mary P.

    Sad liked bhs

  • Kirsty P.

    it was great for Christmas presents that year we were in Liverpool. We bought loads.

  • Jane G.

    Poor staff x

  • Joanne D.

    Sad! X

  • Michelle D.

    I need my light!!!!

    • Claire C.

      My mother said it was packed this morning first thing and there wasn't any bargains.

  • Nikki P.

    Such sad news. Sending my thoughts to all the staff involved x

  • Ashleigh P.

    Yep xx

  • Laura B.

    :hushed: xxx

    • Sara G.

      No more lunches in there then! Can't say I'm surprised to be honest though as it's just too easy for people to shop online now isn't it xxx

  • Charlotte H.

    I've been trying to order something online for a few days but if just won't let me , is online off already ?

    • Marnie S.

      They probably don't have the stock in the warehouses. They won't be able to buy in any more stock if they're in administration.

    • Rachel R.

      I work there they stopped online buying and store ordering being stopped in a couple of days When I was at work last night people cudnt even pay by card was cash only and if u got a gift card you had to spend the amount to redeem the voucher so if u had a £20 voucher you needed to spend £40 Also refunds etc have stopped

    • Charlotte H.

      Bloody hell all kicks in so fast ! so what will they do with all the stock they have left ? X

  • Anne T.

    Oh no

  • Susan T.

    I said didn't I shame for all that have to loose jobs xx

    • Jade W.

      Ano thought when it was on news this morning wh smith next X

  • Kelly M.

    Dorothy Perkins will be next

    • Chrissie F.

      I think DP is part of the Burton group

    • Kelly M.

      Burton, BHS, Topshop and Dorothy Perkins are all part Arcadia Group

  • Adele M.

    This is so sad. I remember going there with my nanny and aunty when I was little for lunch.

    • Lisa F.

      Very sad:cry: such a shame on all the staff xx

    • Adele M.

      I know :'( can't believe the amount of these shops that are closing x

    • Nicola B.

      I loved bhs visits on Saturdays and nanny saving the sugar lol , it's so sad it's closing :pensive:X

  • Deborah P.

    Oh no !!!!

  • Pamela L.

    Its a great shame I got a saturday job with them when I was 14yrs Been around along time. How many more old stores will go

  • Laura E.

    I thought it was on its way out :( went in the one in Taunton last week and there was stock all over the place and most of the lighting had gone.

  • Karen D.

    I blame marketing. I've never seen an advert on TV for BHS. If they'd joined the 'Christmas tv advert' group (John Lewis, house of Fraser etc) they'd still be going, I don't work in retail I just don't feel like they've put up much of a fight to stay.

    • Alison L.

      There's an advert on tv at the min for bhs

    • Karen D.

      Too little too late maybe? :cry:

    • Natalie W.

      You do know advertising isn't free? They don't have the money for it unfortunately.

  • Mika D.

    No freakig way!!!!!!

  • Maria J.

    such a shame. but they never seem to keep up with the"times". very old fashioned, so not surprised. feel sorry for the staff.

  • Kate M.

    Oh no how very very sad love their household goods !!

  • Janice C.

    So sad!!!!

  • Pete A.

    Too expensive and out of date due to bad management I guess...same as woolworths refusing to move with the times.

  • Lucy W.

    The one in Cardiff & Newport have been gone for 2 or more years now

  • Shireen H.

    That's a shame :hushed::hushed:

  • Chrissie F.

    Very sad, loved BHS for children's clothes

  • Jihaddi H.

    Terrible for the staff , they probably won't see the benefit of the pension they have been throwing money in for years either , I bet that's been plundered by the greedy already ... And don't count on getting another job , the jobs market is non existent , its all made up of half jobs on zero hour rip off contracts or some other bullshit to get you off benefits , talking of benefits , there's nothing left in the pot so don't rely on them either .. Freind of mine was made redundant last year , started off OK , had a little bit of savings to soften the blow , then nothing came along so he tried to sign on , wasn't allowed at first , then they threw so much shit at him he became sanctioned when he responded , he got so low over the year , lost his house , lost his greedy wife , lost his nice car etc etc anyway he now drives around the streets looking through peoples bins for stuff to sell ...terrible .....and he relies on food banks .....anyway onwards and upwards , but your future is bleak , let me tell ya ....Britain's had it

  • Emmanuell A.

    Pity it's not a bank or the Torres would have saved it already!

  • Marie L.

    Seen it on the news, if we loose that then we loose dorothy perkins that's in there :pensive:xx

  • Jenny C.

    I think you're right! We've had our last meal in bhs... Sad really. X

  • Hollie B.

    u hear about this? X

    • Elizabeth M.

      I'm devastated.

  • Dulcie W.

    Aaahhhh! Started my working life with BHS happy memories:worried:

  • Brenda B.

    Sad news

  • Sarah B.

    another one bites the dust.

  • Rachel R.

    There's a spec day in today so I recommend grabbing some bargains

  • Vicky W.

    Oh no, love BHS

  • Kirsty T.

    :flushed::flushed::flushed:noooo can't they wait until Friday payday at least :cry:

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