Do You Have One Of These Recalled Baumhaus Nutkin Sleigh Cot Beds?

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Last night BBC's The One Show highlighted the potential hazards of the Baumhaus Nutkin Sleigh Cot Beds which were recalled way back in December 2013.

A number of safety issues were identified with the cot beds, and among them was a trap hazard which could result in serious injury. The gap between the bars at the ends of the cot are too far apart and there are reports of children becoming trapped in them. The video clip of the report can be seen online here, and it includes footage of a toddler left hanging by the neck after trying to climb out of the gap.

The report on The One Show has highlighted that although a large proportion of the cots were identified and returned there are still some not accounted for. As cot beds are a big purchase for new parents there are always a lot of them being sold second hand or being passed down through families, so there is a worry that these cots are still in use and children could still be in danger.

If you think you have one of these Nutkin Sleigh Cot Beds as shown in the picture the advice is to stop using it immediately and contact the makers Baumhaus on 0845 644 8882. You can find more information about the original recall in this article in Which.

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