Asda Reassure Customers Over Glass Table Safety Concerns

Customers Reassures Over Glass Table Safety

Have you seen those pictures of shattered glass tables doing the rounds on social media at the moment? There are lots of pictures and stories from people who say that their glass garden tables have shattered for no apparent reason, and many are understandably worried.

Such is the level of public concern that Asda have just issued a statement* aimed at reassuring customers about the safety and safe use of glass topped tables, called 'Get the facts: Is my glass-top garden table safe?'.

The statement from Asda says:

"We'd like to reassure you that instances of tables shattering are very rare. The tables are designed with safety in mind and are made from toughened glass. We sell more than 100,000 glass-top tables each year and there are very few reports of the glass shattering."

They explain that toughened glass is designed to shatter into many pieces when broken as a safety feature to reduce the risk of injury from large shards, and that's why this type of glass is used in car windows, shower screens, furniture and so on.

They go on to say:

"Despite some reports you may have seen, heat from the sun will not cause the glass to shatter. In rare instances, if toughened glass is damaged, for example chips and scratches, it can lead to the glass breaking seemingly of its own accord. Damage to the glass (not always visible) can get worse over time until it reaches a critical point when it may shatter. This is not a fault with the product or design, this is how the glass is intended to behave if damaged, as with all toughened glass."

Asda have also issued some guidelines to help care for your glass topped table right from the way that you initially assemble it through to after care:

  • During assembly do not lay the table top directly onto patios or other rough surfaces. We recommend laying the table on a blanket or cardboard during assembly. You could even use the box.
  • When lifting or turning the table over, ask for someone to lend a hand, trying to move a table on your own can lead to accidents.
  • Do not use furniture if any parts are missing or broken. Contact customer services.
  • If your table has a parasol, always use a weighted parasol base, and remove the parasol in windy conditions. Parasols can put pressure on the table top or even blow the table over in windy weather.
  • Do not place very hot or very cold items, such as saucepans or barbecues, directly on the glass surface. Extreme temperature differences over small areas can damage glass.
  • Do not sit or stand upon the glass surface.
  • Do not strike the glass with hard or pointed items, or use the glass as a chopping surface.
  • Do not drag rough or heavy objects over the top of the glass.
  • We recommend using place mats and coasters to help protect against scratches and accidentally dropped items.
  • Clean the glass regularly to make sure there are no stones or grit on the top.
  • Do not clean glass with washing powders or any other substances containing abrasives, since these substances can scratch glass.

If you have any concerns about glass topped furniture from Asda you can contact them here including the words 'glass garden table' in the subject, and you can also read the full statement here*.

Have any of you had any issues with glass furniture shattering, and do you find this statement reassuring?

Images: Asda

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  • Stacy R.

    I've had this set for 4 years and never had an issue :)

  • Kelly F.

    We had the same table, although not bought from Asda. Our table top shattered at 9pm Thursday evening. Since I put it on Facebook at least 3 of my friends have told me of the same problem. I'm just glad my kids weren't sitting at it at the time!!

  • Kasie M.

    this happened to tours didn't it xx

  • Melissa P.

    This was a problem last year too

  • Heidi T.

    I've had this set for 2 years and I've never had any problems xx

    • Cate C.

      Us too x

  • Michelle F.

    Yes chelle exactly what happened to mine :angry:xx

  • Sarah S.

    Same happened to my asda 1 :confused:

  • Katy G.

    Not from Asda but ours did this last year remember? :scream:

  • Karen F.

    yes it was, same thing that happened to mine. x

  • Laura C.

    That happened to a friend of mine, it just seemed to explode over night!!

  • Rebecca E.

    this is what happened to ours!

  • Annabel C.

    Yes this exact table! My advice to anyone reading, steer clear of glass tables, what a headache this was to clear up :expressionless:

  • Jeanette D.


  • Lorna L.

    seemingly they are actually fine though it's just if they are damaged they would shatter which is normal and the safest way

  • Rachael B.

    this is what we have just bought

  • Tracy M.

    Yep, my mum had that table and it smashed X

  • Joanne J.

    Only when idoit husbands put BBQ's on them :smirk:

  • Diana W.

    Mine from homebase did this... used it in the morning and the afternoon had gone bang.... glass everywhere.... but home based dealt with it so well .. and replaced it with a wooden set :blush: but could have had some nasty consequences.

  • Laura B.

    Mine from asda did this

  • Clair M.

    This happened to us this week one min it was ok next it was smashed all over the place...

  • Amy17

    we had a Jakarta table from asda and this has just happened with ours. It was brand new first time using it so no damage. The glass cut a relatives foot and sliced open a can so not all pieces shattered into small pieces. They need to be recalled 

  • Katie H.

    Mine did from very catalogue. They were very unhelpful and I never got a refund either :confused:

  • Tina T.

    Mine shattered that two years ago the same I got it from.argos they were very good handling it and I got my money back .

  • Louisa W.

    Yes happened to mine from Asda I took it back and had a full refund. X

  • sarahm

    We had a rattan effect glass table and chair set and I come home from work to find the glass shattered all over my decking, so now I'm left with a table frame and 6 chairs

  • Sarah M.

    Mine did this last year. I'm now just left with a table frame and chairs :triumph:

  • Leeanne B.

    Happened to mine x

  • Carla C.

    Our table from the range did it was only a year old

  • Jo W.

    It's shattered into millions of bits over night. No1 got hurt luckily. There's been alot of them shattering from the heat n then in the rain to xx

  • Nicola L.

    Had our glass table from asda for 6 years now with no issues at all

  • Sara J.

    Had the 6 seat set from asda for 3 years this year and no issues at all

  • Amie W.

    Mine did exactly the same! - decided to replace the glass with some wood and sprayed it black to match the rest instead of buying a new set. Worked great and it is still going strong 4 years later! (longer than the glass lasted!) luckily it happend to us in the night when the little ones we're not around as it could've been very dangerous! X

  • Nichola S.

    My one from Asda did this a couple of years ago x

  • Becky W.

    this happened to use

  • Nicky S.

    Can't believe how many people below are saying this has happened to them. Bit nervous now...

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