Argos Recalls Cuggl Camborne Cot Beds

Argos Recalls Cuggl Camborne Cot Beds

Argos* have issued a product recall on specific models of cot beds due to safety concerns.

The items included are the Cuggl Camborne Cot Beds in both white and two-tone, as "in certain instances the top rail of the cot could over time become detached resulting in sharp points becoming exposed".

The items are sold individually and also as part of 3 piece nursery furniture sets, with all these models being included in the recall:

  • Cuggl Camborne Cot Bed Two Tone: cat number 737/6483
  • Cuggl Camborne Cot Bed White: cat number 737/8443
  • Cuggl Camborne 3 Piece Set Two Tone: cat number 709/5654
  • Cuggl Camborne 3 Piece Set White: cat number 739/8258

If you have one of these items you can contact Argos customer services on 0345 600 6475 to arrange a replacement or refund of the Cuggl Camborne Cot Bed.

Full details can be found on the Argos website here* and on the Trading Standards website here.


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