Are Your Household Appliances Safe?

Are Your Household Appliances Safe?

Back in November 2015, we told you about the recall of Tumble Dryers by Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline brands. You can find that post here. This was due to serious fire risk.

Apparently, and we are really shocked about this, there are a plethora of appliances thought to be faulty made by Whirlpool. This includes, dishwashers, ovens and washing machines.

Some are thought to contain a potentially faulty component that has the overheating, and this could lead to a fire.

The source of this information comes from claims from household insurer NFU Mutual, "that ovens and dishwashers were the leading cause of household appliance-related fire in 2015, each causing more than twice as many fires as tumble driers."

Thanks to the recall, late last year, Whirlpool are working through fixing/replacing 4.3 million Tumble Dryers.

Safety experts are left unsatisfied with the current Government recall process and fear it's leaving consumers with potentially dangerous fire hazards in their home.

If you are worried about any electrical home appliance made by any of the Whirlpool owned brands then you can head over here to Hotpoint's Appliance Safety Page or contact your local Citizen's Advice.

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  • Vicky M.

    But we havent reached Nov 2016 yet... think they mean 2015 :P

  • Karen R.

    Thanks to this post I discovered my Indesit dishwasher had been recalled two years ago due to fire risk. A service engineer is calling next week to replace the defective part causing the issue.

  • Sharon B.

    I fillednin the form online. 2 letters later and finally got a phone call......well a very very faint message left that was rushed and i could only just makenout its is hotpoint, who said they would call back at a later date. Not jad another phone call,so I really need to chase it as we have one of the condensor dryers affected.

  • Katie G.

    Reported our tumble back in November. Still waiting for an engineer/replacement

    • Becky W.

      Me too. Disgusting customer service each time I try and call...

    • Laura C.

      I reported mine in Nov. I was originally told March this year and last week I got an email with an estimated date of April 2017 - which is an absolute joke!

    • Lou S.

      I reported my dryer in November I went on to their live chats as was told May and hadn't heard ewt they r now coming next week x

      • Joycie

        Same story here about my dryer even had a phone call saying March I'm still waiting for anything their side. A friend of mine reported it in December and got seen and fixed within 2 weeks

    • Sam A.

      I was told today Aug 2017 and if not happy then I could pay £70 towards a replacement! Its a joke don't see why we should all have to pay for a replacement or wait until 2017 for a repair.

      • Alison

        I had a live chat today and have been given a date in August.  Not great, but better than the estimated April 2017 (which was originally April 2016)!

        Contact them again.  I told them the first time that there was no way I was spending any more money as when I logged the fault, my dryer was one year and two days old.  

    • Bethan T.

      Send hotpoint messages on Facebook. Seems to get a quick response. I've had an absolute nightmare with my tumble. Hopefully it's all sorted and I'm waiting for an exchange.

    • Becky P.

      I have had to make at least 3 phone calls to chase them up about my faulty condenser dryer which I reported November 15 ! I threatened them with trading standards the last time & surprise they are coming out August ! After quite a few calls absolute joke ! Customer service !! I think NOT !!

    • Becky B.

      I reported mine in November and had the engineer today, initially they said Feb though. X

    • Becky W.

      I reported in Nov, was told, Feb, then March and now April. Still no news and when I phone, each dept reconnects me to the wrong one and refuses to help. So cross. Torn between chasing it, and wasting more money on phonecalls

    • Wendy T.

      Hotpoint a waste of time rudeness is always the way for them hate them I have to broken tumble dryers in my kitchen never get anywhere with them just tell lies nd the engineers I have had to fix my tumble dryers in the past are full of shit nd don't care

  • Sarah C.

    Oh my God just read this and thought I'd check and mine is one of those affected aswell. Filled the form in and have to wait now :confused:

  • Lizzie W.

    Yes still waiting to purchase a replacement 25 weeks now !!!!

  • Sam A.

    I registered my Hotpoint tumble dryer last November, been told today the Engineer will be coming to repair my machine August 2017! Or pay £70 to go towards a replacement.

    • Emma H.

      Go straight to your supplier. I got mine from boots, they replaced within weeks, no quibbles at all.

    • Katy C.

      We had the same timescale kept being fobbed off, my husband posted on their facebook page and we got a replacement free of charge, don't pay keep harrassing them!

  • lysmithgrant

    Just FYI - my 9 year old hotpoint consenser dryer started making a loud humming noise and smoking while on standby last week (i.e. not actually turning or switched on).  It had already undergone the modification after the safety recall yet still potentially went on fire.  Please everyone - unplug your machine when you aren't in the same room.  I dread to think if I had left on for a while and went upstairs or out.

    I have contacted Hotpoint and they offered to send an engineer out free of charge in THREE weeks to carry out another modification.  When I told them this was unacceptable they simply cancelled my appointment and the subject was closed.  They aren't interested in inspecting the unit to see if the modification needs further looking at............

  • Rachael H.

    I had to chase mine up and after refusing a 'fix' and a replacement I told them I wanted a full refund and the machine removed from my property and they did eventually! Best way is through Facebook. My machine was 10months old when I registered it and 14months when they removed it and I was told it was for disposal as there's a huge issue with the machines! So they offered me a fix but they weren't willing to do anything with it after I didn't want it?!!!

  • Sharon W.

    I had an engineer call in March, told me my tumbler was too old to modify and hotpoint would replace it, over 2 months on and still not got anywhere, every time I phone highpoint and manage to get through to talk to someone they fob you off, so fed up. Don't mind when the suns out but when the weather's rubbish my washing piles up and I hate having wet washing round the house. Being a family of 6 it's not good :cry:

    • Wendy T.

      Oh well we in the same problem Hotpoint a waste of time I have 5 kids hate wet washing all over the place have 2 Hotpoint tumble dryers in my kitchen hotpoint just give u bull shit they was supposed to come Tuesday just past had to organise my mum to come over while I took my 2 little kids to group then it got cancelled at the last minute I take it was because I told them I never wanted the same engineer back because he was just full of bullshit was not happy :rage:

  • Abbie R.

    I reported mine straight away when it all came out last November, the tumble dryer was less than a year old, I was told it would be fixed February, then march, then April....finally got a call a week or so ago and they are coming the end of July!! Ridiculous!!

    • Jazmin P.

      I manged to get my issue sorted by posting quite a lot on their Facebook page. Seems to hurry them up as it's public I suppose??

    • Ruth W.

      I filled mine in, in November and was told the same as you, and then I wrote on their Facebook page as I heard nothing and I have an appointment 1st week in June xx

    • Emma H.

      Go straight to your supplier. I got mine from boots and they replaced very quickly. X

    • Abbie R.

      seems they don't like the public complaints on Facebook, I'll give it a try! So inconvenient having to turn it off when I go out or at night, I often end up re-washing stuff as it gets the damp smell :confounded: Xx

    • June W.

      What is their Facebook page.? I registered mine last November and they emailed to say they would be coming April 2017.

    • Kate D.

      I registered mine last November and still haven't heard a jot from them!

  • Emma H.

    To all those still waiting, contact the company that supplied you. It's so much quicker. I bought mine from boots and they replaced within 2 weeks max.

  • Kimberley W.

    Facebook messenger is the quickest contact. Had mine fixed within weeks, although it's now broke so getting a replacement

  • Steph H.

    You know the best way to prevent a fire with the recalls is empty your fluff filter each time! ... Hotpoint are getting them done by sub contracting other local appliance companies to get the work done faster

  • Wendy F.

    Will have to check this out xx

  • Nicky S.

    best check ours again xx

  • Charlotte L.

    I reported mine back in november, got told it would be fixed in jan then feb then march, it didnt change to april called them up again and it finally got sorted last week (i also had some other parts replaced free of charge so cant complain about that) just keep ringing them

  • Paula O.

    You all need to go online to the "This Morning" (Phil & Holly programme) there is a massive campaign, running on their website, with all the do's & don't's & lots of information, to help all... My mum got demanded new drier, got it & she told them where to shove their delivery charges, cheeky buggers...

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