Amazon Recall Fire 7" and Kids Fire 7" Power Adapter Over Electric Shock Risk

Recall: Amazon Fire & Kids Fire Adapter

Amazon is recalling some Kindle Fire power adapter plugs over fears they could pose an electric shock risk.

Devices sold after September 2015 may have chargers that are at risk of breaking and causing electric shocks.

It sent out an email to customers saying: "We have determined that, in rare cases, when the power adapter included with the UK Fire seven-inch and UK Fire Kids Edition seven-inch tablet is pulled from the wall socket, the adapter assembly may detach and create a risk of electrical shock."

Customers can either request a free replacement adapter online, or ask for £12 credit to be applied to their account allowing them to buy the power adapter of their choice.

The specific charger affected has the model number FABK7B printed on the front of it.

Customers should stop using it immediately, and revert to using the USB cable to charge their device from a laptop or other compatible device in the meantime.

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  • mehere

    Thanks for posting this, and the accompanying link - I'm quite angry about Amazon as they have not put the info anywhere on their homepage, it's hidden deep in their site. I have an Amazon Fire for Kids and it is one of the affected adaptors - however it is not registered (i offered to give them proof of third-party purchase and a serial number) and they will only replace the adaptor on 'registered devices'. Not sure how buying it from John Lewis miraculously protects my child from electocution!! Very poor amazon, very poor indeed.

    • admin

      Yeah it's a worry when it's for the little ones I know :( You're very welcome, glad we were able to let you know of the issue. 

  • Beankeeper

    Thank you Playpennies for posting this as I too would have had no idea of the problem. I bought a Kindle Fire for my 8 year old son for Christmas. I was a little surprised to see that the email notification of this fault was not sent to me even though I had purchased the device but rather it went to the email account we had set up for the kindle. I hope that they publish the information a little more widely and the third party companies follow suit with a replacement plug. Once again thanks Playpennies :)

    • admin

      Ah that's a concern right enough and you're very welcome Beankeeper, glad we could help :)

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