Amanda Holden: Daughter Was Dressed As Cindy Crawford, Not Pretty Woman

Amanda Holden

There's nothing quite like a celebrity parent tweet to blow up the internet on a Friday afternoon.

But that's exactly what happened when a snap appeared online of Amanda Holden's little girl, nine year old Lexi, with the caption:

"1990's day at Lexi's school today. Julia Roberts 'Pretty Woman'"

Cue virtual meltdown online. You'd think people had nothing better to do.

A furore kicked off instantly, with people clamouring to take Amanda to task for her seemingly inappropriate choice of attire for a child, with several pointing out that Julia Roberts' character in Pretty Woman was a prostitute.

But Amanda was quick to respond, issuing a statement which read:

"The truth is that Lexi went to school as Cindy Crawford for her school '90s Day - not Julia Roberts - as anyone who heard me yesterday at BGT - and indeed the teachers at Lexi's school - will confirm."

"However my husband thought she looked more like Julia Roberts, without any thought to any interpretation. Although given that she is a 9 year old girl it seems completely unbelievable and disturbing that anyone could or would put such an interpretation on it."

Amanda added that her husband meant to "post the similarity" between Julia Roberts and his little girl "on his own private Facebook account" but accidentally hit the wrong button and shared it on Amanda's Twitter account instead, but removed it as soon as he realised his mistake.

She added:

"The first I knew about it I was contacted by the media whilst filming today. Needless to say my husband is mortified."

"And just as an aside, on the school run this morning we bumped into 'Mia Wallace' from Pulp Fiction and ‘Mr Pink’ from Reservoir dogs!"

Eek. I reckon there'll be words in Amanda's house tonight. Still, worse things happen at sea.

And is it really that big a deal for a child to be dressed as a character from an iconic movie anyway? We'd love to hear your thoughts over on our Facebook page...

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  • parabolica
    If you have a daughter with no talent, you could send her to a party as Amanda Holden ;)
  • Daftina
    If you have a daughter with no talent, you could send her to a party as Amanda Holden ;)
    Green eyed monster strikes again

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