The Art For Kids Wall Decal Review

19 November 2012

I absolutely love wall art. I think that the new generation of wall decals that can be placed, removed, and re-places are things of pure genius and wonder. The website has a phenomenal range of wall decals for kids and choosing one for my daughter took me ages. These would make lovely Christmas gifts from grandparents and here is why…

The wall decals are suitable for a variety of different age ranges and are, quite frankly, gorgeous. The ones that I love are the Cats Owls Birds, Princess, Fairies and Streetways and Cars. They are utterly stunning! The prices vary depending on what you are buying really, with the cheaper ones sitting at around £13.99 and the more expensive ones going up as high as £32.90.

The one that I chose was the Alphabet wall decal as I thought my daughter could have some fun making words for her room. The decals are just gorgeous with the cutest little figures making up each letter of the alphabet. What I liked about these was how different and original the animals were.

It isn’t the typical creatures who make up each letter, a refreshing change when you spend a lot of time with children and saying “A is for…”. The other feature that struck me was how detailed and clear the instructions were. You will find it easy to install your wall decals, however, unlike other wall decal types, these cannot be removed/replaced/removed/replaced. Once they are in, they are in.

The wall decals can be moved around while you decide on their best position, though, but they are quite fussy about the surface they will stick to, so you must read the instructions properly. I think that the designs, the quality and the artistry of these wall decals give them very high points, but I think they are quite costly in light of the fact they cannot be moved around whenever you feel the mood. I give them a steady 7/10.

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