Zingzillas Go Glow Light £7.57 @ Amazon

Zingzillas Go Glow Light £7.57 @ Amazon

This is a combined nightlight and torch in one unit. The theme is Zingzillas, which is a really lovely CBeebies children's show. It is a music show, aimed at under six year olds. The main 'characters' are a mix of puppets and people in suits, but there are also real life performers each episode. I've seen Cleo Lane on the show! It is really a good show, and your child will love this Zingzillas Go Glow Light if they're  a fan. It is priced at £7.57 on Amazon at the moment, down from the RRP of £21.99. Delivery is free with Amazon Prime.

The Go Glow Light provides the security of a night light from bedtime until morning. The base also acts as a charger for the removable top section, so it can be picked up and carried around to provide torchlight - perfect for little ones who occasionally wander in the night or need to get up to visit the loo!

When night time excursions are done, the ‘torch’ is simply placed back in the Go Glow’s base, reactivating the night light, which will glow gently and reassuringly by your child’s bedside, banishing night time fears for good.

It can also just be plain fun. What little one doesn't love a torch? There's something fun and reassuring about being able to shine light into whatever bit of darkness you want.

Thanks to Speculator at HUKD!


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  • dustydawn297
    Hi, clicked on this link but the price was £19. Have I done something wrong? :-(
    • LynleyOram
      No not at all Dustydawn. Sadly these fabby offers from Amazon are only up for a couple of hours quite often. Worth while if you can grab one while it is available!
      • gametruthordare
        It is not Dustydawn. Unfortunately, these offers are just fabby on Amazon a couple of hours up quite often. You should, if you can take when it's available!