Waybuloo Lamp & Ceiling Shade £7.50 @ Tesco

Waybuloo Lamp & Ceiling Shade £7.50 @ Tesco


This Waybuloo bedside lamp and ceiling shade set has been marked down from £20 to a very tasty £7.50. Less than half the original price, this set has been reduced several times in the Tesco sale so you are now able to nab it for almost nothing.

Personally I would not have paid £20 for a ceiling shade and a lamp but I have to say, that if I had a child of the right age, this set would be a brilliant buy for only £7.50. The lamp is safe for kids and comes with an energy saving bulb for longer lasting, and more cost effective, light.

The pattern is dead cute on the lampshade with all the Waybuloo characters sort of frolicking along the edges. The ceiling shade is branded heavily with the Waybuloo name and has various creatures from the show printed onto the fabric.

This would make a superb deal for anyone looking to spruce up their nursery or a lovely gift to give an expectant mum.

Thanks to sparklebunny at HUKD!


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