Toy Story 3 Space Fleece £6.52 @ Amazon

15 August 2010

51k2D1JHhJL__SL500_AA300_ Toy Story 3 has taken over our house and we’re all suckers for it. My daughter saw it at the theatre and it was her first ever time at the movies! What a fab flick – well worth waiting ten or so years for I reckon. It still boasts the funny mix of adult and children’s humour and clever extras.

Anyway, so here is a Toy Story 3 fleece blanket that’s guaranteed to keep little (and big) fans of the series nice and toasty as the Autumn kicks in. It is only £6.52 including free delivery from Amazon and you can even grab yourself a matching pillow or duvet set at the same time. They’re all marked down at the moment.

toy_story_movie_image_buzz_and_woodyThe fleece is 120x150cm and is 100% polyester and therefore easy to wash and tumble dry.

Have you seen the latest movie? Did you cry? I know my daughter watched it with stoic impassiveness while I howled. Big fat tears in public. Thank goodness she’s too young to be embarrassed by her mother!

Thanks to taswir1 at HUKD!

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