Thomas The Tank Engine Bed £125.99 @ Amazon

Thomas The Tank Engine Bed £125.99 @ Amazon


I wish that beds like these had been around when I was a kid. Actually, I am sure they were around but were hideously expensive. Either way, I never got to sleep in a Thomas the Tank Engine bed, or a Star Wars bed, and still want to. So, if I buy this bargain bed for my daughter I can sleep in it too! Wahey!

So, Amazon are selling this pretty awesome Thomas the Tank Engine bed for £125.99, a discount of £54 off the usual retail price of £179.99. It isn’t a big bed though, it is a toddler bed, so this may give you pause – I would rather buy a proper sized bed as it will last longer. So, perhaps I won’t be getting this particular themed bed after all.

The bed includes a detachable battery-operated night-light (cool!), two printed storage drawers that pull out from under the bed and also double-up as a play area with printed tracks. This is a pretty awesome bed, especially with all these features. I wouldn’t get a toddler bed as a rule but those of you who would, should love this deal!

Thanks to johnbethesda at HUKD!


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  • GateGipsy
    What I really love is the wall - paper? Painting? Mural? How cool would that be to have on your bedroom wall?