Thomas Express Shaped Printed Plush Cushion £4.99 @

Thomas Express Shaped Printed Plush Cushion £4.99 @

Thomas Express Plush CushionHere's something fun and cute for any little one's bedroom. Their own Thomas express shaped cushion. has reduced this in price from £14.99 to £4.9.

That £14.99 is the RRP though, so it is probably sold much cheaper than that usually anyway. But at £4.99 this is the best price I could find.

The Thomas Express shaped printed plush cushion is 100% polyester, and can be sponge cleaned. That's what it says on the website. It doesn't say though whether it is only possible to sponge clean it. I hate that with kids stuff as at some point, you know only a full machine wash will do!

Another question that springs to mind is why the cushion is called Thomas Express, when it looks just like the usual sort of Thomas the Tank Engine to me. Has he had a name change?

In case, by some remote chance, you've not ever heard of Thomas the Tank Engine before, the books and TV show are set on the imaginary island of Sodor, a place where all vehicles have personalities. It is described as an idyllic place with a willingness to embrace good manners and hard work.

Not quite my idea of an idyll, which has a lot more in the way of sun and beaches, and a lot less in the way of work. But I guess it is all good life lessons for children to learn!

Thanks to hillsbills at HUKD!


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