Star Trek Duvet Set Single £4.60 @ Amazon

CTrek I am a Trekkie, or Trekker as apparently we are now known, and so this duvet set immediately made me drool. If only it was available in adult sizes! Although my husband will probably move out if I make him sleep in a bed covered with Spock and Kirk faces. Marked down from £14.99 to only £4.60 with free delivery, this is a bargain from Amazon.

This duvet set is done in the old Star Trek style and features the faces of the Original crew. The original Enterprise 1701-D zooms across the blue fabric beside the faces of Spock, Captain Kirk, Uhuru and Mcoy. Its pure genius and definitely a must for the Trekkie (or Trekker).

Even if you haven’t subjected your child to the joys of Tribbles and other such Trektastic tales, you can get the set for yourself. It may cheer you up when you stagger into their bedroom at 5am with that screamed for cup of watCtrek2er.

Perhaps you can collapse back into bed and dream of that holodeck adventure by the beach.

Thanks to holly100 at HUKD!


  • Nicola
    Geek alert...The original Enterprise wasn't 1701-D, it was just 1701. The D was from The Next Generation.
  • Emma K.
    Oh Tamsin, a self-confessed Trekkie! How could you!!
  • Mike H.
    Nice thanks, the dogs go through these at a rate of knots (whatever that saying's supposed to mean) so will be stocking up. although, the brown one might be tempted to Shatner on spoks head. Did you see what I did < there?
  • Mike H.
    Hang on ladies, let's just back up a little here, the duvet is £3 and It's £4.50 for delivery, as they're sold by lottiesripofflinenshop rather than Amazon. Since when does £3 + £4.50 = £4.60 ??? I think you need to crack out the plastic coins and have a bit of a practice.
  • Emma K.
    Mike, the Amazon deal has now expired.
  • Tamsin O.
    Actually, Nicola, I'm afraid that you are incorrect. The NCC 1701-D was in fact the second ship given to Kirk after he destroyed the NCC 1701 in Wrath of Khan.

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