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I'm not writing about these because of the price, as they are actually very expensive, but they are so unusual that I thought I would share them anyway. The bedding company Snurk, from the Netherlands, make these really extraordinary bedding sets for children featuring characters from story tales, dream jobs and so on so that when the child lies in bed and their head place in the pillow the bedding becomes their 'fancy dress'. It's difficult to explain clearly but the pictures show exactly what they are.

These are a whopping £45 each unless you manage to grab them on a special offer, but they are unique and very special. I'm terrible for being a skinflint and never paying more than I have to, but sometimes there is something special that you think it's worth paying the extra for. I'll be honest and say that I wish I hadn't bought several cheap bedding sets for my son, and had instead got just this one Snurk Astronaut set.

Am I being a bit mad looking at £45 children's bedding sets? It's certainly out of character, but I just love them! What do you think of them?

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