Nordic Comfort Superior Silk Single Duvet Review

As many parents of children sensitive to allergies will testify, keeping bedding free from dust and allergens can be a constant struggle, in no small part because duvets are bulky and difficult to clean.

If that's a problem you're all too familiar with, Nordic Comfort's Pure Sleep range of duvets might be just what you're looking for. They're made from 100% mulberry silk, which is luxurious and lightweight, but more importantly naturally hypo-allergenic too.

The result is a duvet that's first and foremost improbably thin. In testing out the single Superior Silk duvet , my first impression – and probably what crosses most people's minds initially – was that it simply didn't look thick enough to keep anyone warm at night.

But appearances can be deceiving. The flexible nature of silk means the Nordic Comfort duvet is lightweight and breathable, and yet still cocoons you in its soft embrace better than any bulkier conventional duvet ever could. In practice it proved both comfortable and warm in all conditions, which is pretty much what most of us are looking for in a duvet.

Our test sample was rated at 350g/sqm – there's no tog ratings here for easy comparison, but on Nordic Comfort's sliding scale it's one of the thicker options, rated for night-time temperatures around 10-15 degrees C.

For parents of children with allergies, meanwhile, there's the added bonus that the organic nature of silk makes it less attractive to dust mites and allergens than feathers or synthetic fibres. Not only that, but the Nordic Comfort duvet is machine-washable, and small enough to fit in just about all domestic washing machines.

A net bag is provided for just that purpose, though that's the kind of extra you'd expect. In fact, as these are only just launching in the UK and to buy it you have to head to their EU store where you'll pay €160 for these.  And the high cost is just about the only downside here – that and a slightly 'rustly' texture that makes moving around a bit noisier than under a conventional duvet.

If allergies are a major concern, that price will be worth paying. If not, Nordic Comfort's duvets are wonderfully luxurious, but possibly too pricey to justify indulging in.

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