Mums Freebie: Today Only First 300 People Get Free Make-Up Remover

6 September 2010


Simple has teamed up with 30 Days to bring a mega one-day beauty giveaway to the first 300 clever souls to enter into this giveaway today. So quick! Before reading another word, click on the link below and get in there for your free pack of Simple Radiance Eye Make-up Remover Pads.

Simple offer a range of lovely products for skincare and beauty and they have had some great reviews from other mums, especially the younger ones. I really like their eye make-up remover as it isn’t oily and greasy, and it really works nicely.

Instead of turning you into a terrifying mom panda, it wipes the mascara and eye shadow off in pretty much two goes. And one wipe should easily do two eyes. Here’s hoping that you were one of the lucky 300 people who made it and got the lovely free packs!

Thanks to bonnyboo22 at HUKD!

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