Minnie/Mickey Mouse Fleece Blanket £1 @ B&M

1 March 2013

It's going to be quite hard writing a long blog post on the fleece blankets that are on sale at B&M today, but I'm going to give it a try…

Well, first off you can the really lovely Minnie Mouse fleece blanket and the equally cute Mickey Mouse fleece blanket for only £1 instead of their usual £4.99. I took advantage of an offer just like this a while ago – at least three years now – for a Disney Princess fleece blanket for only £1 and that blanket looks the same as it did back then and my daughter still loves it to pieces.

Also, you can't really lose when you are saving nearly £4 off the original price. There are other fleece items on sale at B&M at the moment, including some sleeved fleece tops that keep kids toasty and that come with some of the most popular characters like the Moshi Monsters and some Disney characters.

Thanks to staronthebluesky at HUKD!

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