Medela Mini Electric Breastpump Review

Mini Electric Breastpump Review

I love the Medela Mini Electric breastpump, because for me, it works. It doesn’t try to be a super sleek, ultra luxurious pumping machine. It tries to be a small and effective breast pump and in my view it succeeds.

Although the Medela Mini is touted as being “ideal for short term or occasional use”. It is small enough to fit in any overnight bag and most nappy bags and can be used plugged in or run on battery power.

As much as I enjoy breastfeeding, pumping is not my favourite activity, so it’s a real plus for me being able to fill a 7oz bottle in about 10 minutes. The Medela Mini has fantastic suction and adjustable strength to suit your preferences.

The only downside to this pump, especially in relation to another I’ve tried recently, is that it is quite noisy. This isn’t a huge problem for me, as I pump at home and so don’t have to worry about who can hear me, but it’s certainly not the most discreet pump – a point a number of users have already made in online feedback.

Medela state that their pump is unique in mimicking a baby’s natural nursing rhythm in a two- phase expression simulation. Medela puts this down to the research it has put into studying the way babies suckle.

The Medela Mini sells for £50 – £60 depending on retailer.

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