Folding Camp Bed £20 @ Asda Direct

Folding Camp Bed £20 @ Asda Direct

campbed1This is a rather nicely priced deal, I thought, and a very handy one at that!

This is a more elegant solution to occassional sleepovers or unexpected overnight guests, if you don't fancy spending a couple of hours blowing or pumping up an inflatable bed.

When you don't need it, it can be folded away and easily stored in a cupboard under the stairs or under a bed just ready and waiting to be opened out and called in to service to service when someone comes to stay.

They're also handy for taking camping if you don't want to lie on the ground and if you like that sort of thing; personally, I can't think of anything worse but then I don't like Marmite either and some people really love it!

campbed2Now, even though Asda direct have reduced this bed down from £40 to £20 they will charge you £4.95 for standard delivery even if you choose to collect it in store.

Delivery for collection instore is free for orders over £25 - so it might be worth seeing if there's anything else you need that will tip your order in to the free delivery bracket.

Thanks to millarcat over at HUKD!


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