Floral Patchwork Quilted Double Bedspread £29.95 Was £95.00 @ Dotcomgiftshop

Floral Patchwork Quilted Double Bedspread £29.95 Was £95.00 @ Dotcomgiftshop


This reversible quilted bedspread is a rather bargainous £29.95 at Dotcomgiftshop right now, reduced from the original price of £95.00

Given that it is made of cotton this seems an especially good price for a bedspread. It's quilted and reversible - red polkadots on one side and multicolour floral patchwork on the other. It's also machine washable at 30° and measures 240 cm long by 220 cm wide, making it suitable for a double bed.

There's only one review of this item on the Dotcomgiftshop website so far but it's glowing:

"This is absolutely beautiful. I have seen quilts like these for over £100 so I was very pleased to find this one at such a good price. I am SO tempted to buy the others!"
I bought something similar to this a few years back and have always regretted not getting more than one while they were on offer - I can't vouch for the quality of this exact item but I know that these kind of quilted bedspreads are routinely used by my kids to create a cosy nest when they want to snuggle up on the sofa - and as such you can't really have too many.


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