Dunelm Mill Sale Now On

Dunelm Mill Sale Now On


Dunelm Mill have a big sale going down at the moment with tons of items marked down to half price. If you are planning on redecorating or maintaining your home over the next few months then pop on over to see if you can get some items for less.

The sale includes fifty percent off bedding, curtains, blinds, cushions and throws, furniture, dining and table ware, bathroom items, home decor, cookshop items, pictures and mirrors, lighting, storage, fabric and sewing, pets, and arts and crafts.

They are also offering variable percentages off utilities, mattresses, rugs and made to measure items, so there is bound to be something in there that you need. I adore Dunhelm Mill stuff and often wander out of the shop with things I don’t really need but totally love.

This is a pretty impressive sale and there are lots of items included, I recommend setting aside a lot of time to get through everything.

Thanks to ebybrit at HUKD!


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