Disney Princess Shimmering Single Rotary Duvet Set £7.99 @ Play.com

11 September 2010

Disney Princess Shimmering Single Rotary Duvet Set It's pretty, it's pink, and it is Disney Princess. What more could a little girl want? Great for parents is that Play.com are selling the set for £7.99 with free delivery. On the website it says that the recommended retail price is £14.99.

If I'm honest, then I really hate getting themed bed linen for kids. It just feels so wrong that merchandising has worked its way into every part of our lives, even bedtime. That said, in my experience a familiar face or story on the bed linen really does help when the little ones are feeling a bit insecure going to bed at night.

This duvet set features two Princesses. Belle, from Beauty and the Beast, and Cinderella. I think we all remember the story of Cinderella - wicked stepmother, ugly stepsisters, a fairy godmother and Prince Charming. As a stepmum myself it isn't one of my favourites (the one I loathe the most is Hansel and Gretel as the witch is always a very poorly disguised step mother!).

Disney Princess Shimmering Single Rotary Duvet Set  BelleBut I was suprised to find that I'd actually forgotten Belle's story. It isn't as often repeated. Belle is a dutiful daughter of an eccentric Maurice who is pursued by the vain Gaston. She swaps places with her father in the Beast's prison. Eventually though she is allowed to visit her dad, in the meantime the darstadly Gaston tries to remove his rival. But Belle rushes back to the castle, saves Beast and breaks the spell. I think this is definitely my favourite Disney oldie!

Thanks to inamar at HUKD!

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