Disney Cars Single Bed Duvet Set £6 @ Tesco Direct

10 March 2011


Disney Cars is about to get big again, I’m afraid. Many moons ago we had Disney Cars – a cute and entertaining movie that did some adorable stuff – now, this summer, we are getting Disney Cars 2. I shudder to think what that may be like…

The Disney Cars single bed duvet set is down to only £6 from £12 at Tesco Direct. Actually, this duvet set has kind of bounced from £12 to £9.60 and now it is £6. I am almost about to suggest you don’t buy it until it drops to £2. Although it might sell out by then.

So, what does the Disney Cars duvet set include, I hear you asking? Well, you get a single duvet cover which is bright red and black and rather colourful, and a single pillow case. They are made from polyester and cotton and can be both washed and tumble dried.

Although I hope you don’t tumble dry, is bad for the planet!

Thanks to lucerysmum at HUKD!

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