Buy One Get One Half Price Baby Sleeping Bags @ Mothercare

Buy One Get One Half Price Baby Sleeping Bags @ Mothercare

Baby sleeping bags should be given an award called something like 'One of the most genius inventions of all time' - they are utterly brilliant and if you buy a selected one from Mothercare they'll give you another one for half the price.

Baby sleeping bags weren't around when my eldest two children were born in the mid 1990s.

They were both born in November and blankets coming off in the middle of the night wasn't really an issue for my eldest as he slept still as a statue - this could be quite disconcerting sometimes but at least he never woke up freezing cold.

My daughter, born a year later, was a complete fidget and if baby sleeping bags had been around when she was small I would have had her living in them!

My youngest was born in July and, HURRAH, I finally got to experience the joy of these marvellous things.

There are lots of baby sleeping bags to choose from, for both boys and girls, in 1 tog and 2.5 tog warmth ratings, so you could either plan ahead for cooler months and get them in sizes bigger than you need right now, or mix and match between the two.

Prices start from £21.99 and the cheapest sleeping bag will be the one you get for half price, just add them to your basket and Mothercare will sort the rest out for you (click HERE to read the offer T&Cs)

Happy no more constantly replacing blankets!


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