Ben 10 Ready Bed £19.99 @ Amazon

Ben 10 Ready Bed £19.99 @ Amazon

ben101Does Ben 10 sleep?  Does he sleep with one eye open keeping a look out for aliens?

I didn't know anything about Ben 10 until the other day and I don't know much more now other than it, or should that be 'he', is a huge phenomenon and has captured the imagination of kids and adults alike!

Ready beds are fabulous inventions, there when you need them and not when you don't (I can think of lots of things I wish were like ready beds hahaha!).

There's no need for extra pillows, there's no need for extra blankets, duvets or duvet covers because the bed already has them...that's why it has the original and catchy name 'ready bed'!  When you need it all you've got to do is blow it up with the pump, that's also included, and hey presto! one bed ready for your very own little Ben 10 or any who happen to be sleeping over at your house.

ben102The bed can also be used in three different positions: lying completely flat, with one end folded up - looks a bit like a Ben10 chaise longue to me and folded up so it can be used as a chair.

Amazon have knocked a tenner off the original £29.99 price tag bringing it down to a more reasonable £19.99 and delivery, as always, is free with Amazon and their wonderful SuperSaver deal.

Thanks to lucerysmum over at HUKD!


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