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walleDuvet You can never have enough bedding as far as I'm concerned and now there are no excuses with these great 3 for 2 bedding bargains from Halfcost

My mum used to work on the theory of one on the bed and one in the wash when it came to bedding....I took that a step further and have one on the bed, one in the wash and LOTS all neatly folded in the luandry cupboard along with lots of towels (yes, I have enormous landry cupboard).

Whilst I like bedding for me 'just because' there is a very practical side to having lots of bedding for your little ones....two word - POTTY TRAINING!  Getting the hang of this during the day is one thing but night time can take a lot of accidents and a little longer to master.

Bedding isn't always cheap - especially character sets - so when deals like this come along it almost seems churlish not to take advantage of them.

This Wall-E single duvet set is just £4.99

Or perhaps you've got an Underground Ernie fan who'll love this duvet set which is also £4.99

kingduvetAnd something for you - I'm gobsmacked that this king-size duvet set is just £7.99 (the double is just £5.99!)

Before you run away - use this CODE to get an additional 10% off: PF15

Thanks to Holly100 over at HUKD!

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