Amazing Launch Deals For Wall Stickers @ Stickerzone

Amazing Launch Deals For Wall Stickers @ Stickerzone


Last year I reviewed some amazing Gruffalo wall stickers that have graced my daughter’s bedroom walls ever since. I have utterly fallen in love with the idea and, now that those ones are dying, am quite keen to replace them. So, imagine my delight when I uncovered a new site that has just launched and that is selling wall stickers at silly prices for their opening month.

There are quite a few different types of wall sticker on sale at the moment and their usual price is around £11.99 but now they are only £4.99 – a rather enormous saving! You also have to pay £1.99 postage and packaging but, and this is really good, the price doesn’t change no matter how large your order gets.

The stickers on sale at the moment include Winnie the Pooh and Friends, Disney Cars, Space Rocket and Planets, Circus, Big Owl and more. I am rather in love with the height chart wall stickers too actually. That’s a REALLY good idea because my wall chart keeps falling down.

There are 14 pages of items on sale so go and take a look and see if there is something scrummy to get for your child’s bedroom walls.


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